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  1. Search this site as this topic has been covered thoroughly.
  2. Donate them to a consignment shop of your choice. "Someone's junk is someone treasure."
  3. Columbia bridge is in Laredo, TX. There are ATM machines at the border stops in MX for you to withdraw funds using your ATM card of choice. If you aren't comfortable doing that yet, go to your bank in the U.S. and exchange dollars for pesos. At least then you will be comfortable having some pesos before you leave the U.S.
  4. I would suggest you take the following: ID - Immigration card/document / passport /INE card CURP and RFC Utility bill current within last 60 days
  5. Translate.google.com fee cuota, honorarios, pago, precio, derechos
  6. As already stated, it isn't approved by all...yet. Soon! https://banderasnews.com/mexicos-congress-approved-eliminating-daylight-saving-time/ https://talkbaja.com/mexico-eliminating-daylight-savings-time/ There are other articles similar to the 2 cited.
  7. Where did you see that this has passed everywhere? The most recent article that I can find is a week old and final voting hadn't happened ( partial vote slated for tomorrow, 5 October). Here is what I found: The bill – which proposes a new Time Zones Law – will now be considered by all 500 deputies, with debate and a vote slated to be held Wednesday. If it passes the Chamber of Deputies, the bill will face a vote in the Senate.
  8. My neighbor drove from Las Vegas through Nogales on 16 Septiembre, a National holiday. No problems, took the cuota the entire way back to Chapala.
  9. I have not personally used any of them. I just did a search to show that there are choices available.
  10. Try Amazon.com.mx as I found several there.
  11. I use my MX cellphone (Telcel contract) to call the U.S. all the time, it's free. Also free to many countries.
  12. Amazon.com list several fertilizer products for aquatic plants.
  13. ibarra

    Ground pork

    Soriana and Walmart. Tony's meat market will grind pork roast.
  14. Even if they are over 60, it is up to them to make the decision regarding their health care choices.
  15. We found it less expensive than here, with the exception of electricity. Air conditioner/s are a must. We had room air conditioners on from the end of March until mid November which became cost prohibitive for us. It can be 90 degrees with 95% humidity for a long time, and, no rain, except for a few days a year. It is beautiful, friendly and I miss some of the perks of living there. The major shopping city is Guaymas and is about 15 minutes drive from SC. Hermosillo is the capital and is about 50 minutes away. They have international airport, Home Depot, malls and major MX stores.
  16. We didn't care for it. Stayed there once. Typical MX City, church in the center, museum and not much else. The bay of Agiabampo, is about an hour away, devoid of infrastructure but splendorous in its pure nature. We preferred the municipality of Navojoa which is the fifth-largest in Sonora, with 145,000 residents. Approximately 100,000 of those residents live in the city of Navojoa, which is a bustling city in one of the most productive agricultural regions of Mexico. But when deciding where to live, we chose San Carlos. Hands down winner.
  17. As I stated in my post - Sonora. State just south of Arizona in MX.
  18. You were given names and contact information for facilitators in your last post regarding this issue.
  19. San Carlos, Sonora. Why? Ocean, beautiful, only a few hours drive to U.S. border. Ocean meets desert meets mountains.
  20. MX earthquake felt in U.S. : https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/desert-tsunami-happens-in-death-valley-after-earthquake-in-mexico
  21. We are in Brisas de Chapala, felt a tremor around 1:20 and after shock around 2:30. 6.8 magnitude earthquake 47 km from Aguililla, Michoacán, Mexico 5 hours ago UTC time: Thursday, September 22, 2022 06:16 AM Your time: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 1:16 AM CDT Magnitude Type: mww USGS page: M 6.8 - Michoacan, Mexico USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist
  22. Type "Mexico chocolate cars" in whatever search engine you are using as there are a lot of articles.
  23. Go to the website for the State where you have a residency or where you last lived. Follow their directions for registering and getting ballots. AZ sample:
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