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Where is Ine office?

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I've seen the office in Jocotepec. If you Google IFE (Instituto Federal Electoral) in Jocotepec it comes up right away. It is at Vincente Guerreo # 99. This is the old highway through Jocotepec. 

Coming from the east go past the Pemex (on the right) as you enter Joco. Continue a few blocks to the traffic light where a sign points to the left for Guadalajara. Turn left here. After about 4 blocks turn right at the Cuba restaurant (large orange building on the right). You are now on Vincente Guerrero. Continue straight for about 0.7 kilometers where there is a traffic light with the large white CFE building on the left. Continue straight for 1 block to the next traffic light where there is an Oxxo store on the left. The INE office is on the far side of the. Oxxo   



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We live in Chapala and are not familiar with Jocotopec either.  We just completed a change in our cards.  Here are landmark directions that we used:

Turn left at the light that directs you to GDL, which is the first stop light you come to, then after a few blocks you will see a Cuban bar on your right, turn right.  Keep going on that street, you will pass CFE on your left, keep going straight.  Next you will see OXXO on your left, slow down as INE is tucked back in immediately after OXXO.  Plenty of on street parking on both sides of the street (do not try to park in front of INE, the guard will not let you).  We went early and arrived around 8:30,  did not make an appointment and waited about 25 minutes.  Make sure you have copies of everything you could possibly make copies of.  A receptionist will help you just inside the door and tell you what caja will be be helping you.

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