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  1. if you go to the above, don't buy a phone. After being a customer for many years, I was screwed on a phone to the tune of $2500.
  2. I live about a mile above the Carretera in west Ajijic and the jack braking is clearly audible. Sad for the people who live closer!
  3. Sadly yesterday I saw the greasy smoke billowing onto the Carretera.
  4. Any suggestions where large quantities of recyclable would be available warranting large bins?
  5. Large bins are coming (8). One will be placed at the center for sorted recyclables. All plastic Tetra packs - rinse and flatten with cap on. Batteries in a plastic bag to protect volunteers The price of all are skyrocketing - cardboard (not wet), plastic, glass, tin, aluminum, corks Volunteers needed M-sat 9 - 2 even an hour helps!!!!
  6. At my annual contract renewal of Telcel at a store near Alex Pasta and Plaza Bouganvilla , I asked for a better phone than the junk phones they offer. I was charged more than the Telcel prices. When I went to pickup my phone I was switched to another phone and overcharged $2500p BEWARE Go to the main store.
  7. Only the government has Covid vaccines. Yes the Joco hospital is a state facility on the carretera
  8. I was a Cairn breeder for 30 years and showed for 10 years. I have used MANY groomers. The one who has kept me happy is Joel a vet who turned to grooming at 500 Carretera across from the Ajijic Panteon. Call 3767663062
  9. Does anyone know who has the best selection of herbs? Thanks!
  10. Contact the Expat Liaison at the municipal offices. If everyone went with the que sera sera there would still be sewage running down the center of the streets. I am with Ibarra. The voice of the people is heard when it is loud enough!
  11. Anyone have a generator for sale?
  12. Everything Lake Chapala and Ajijic Chat Group Donna Gillespie · · I rarely post a request for charity unless I think the cause is a very needy one. I recently posted asking for a wheelchair for a young man who had been in a motorcycle accident and as a result he became a quadriplegic. I was wrong. He does have use of his arms. Since the previous post myself and my good friend Dr Juan Carlos Zavala have had a closer look at this young man’s life. We have asked the family for permission to post pictures of him and his families living conditions. Their home is rudimentary at best. The floors are earthen,bumpy and uneven which makes movement in his older wheelchair near impossible. In order for this young man to have a shower he has to be carried to the bathroom which is quite a distance from his room. His sister travels daily to the home in order to assist with his shower. This is a back breaking task. In spite of the 72 year old father working every job he can find he is only able to provide the basic necessities of life and unfortunately sometimes not even those The young man needs to use diapers but the family can not afford to buy them so a shower at least once a day is mandatory. After seeing their home we noted that there is an empty room beside this young man’s bedroom. It would be a perfect space to install a shower and a sink and would make life so much easier for this deserving family. Several generous members of our community have already stepped forward with donations Hope Wiley 1000 Jim and Weezy Burgess 1000 Donna & John Gillespie 2000 Kelly Sorokolit 2500 Dr Juan Carlos Zavala has gifted 10000 from his charity organization for the purchase of diapers This may seem like a lot but it will be set aside to buy diapers for years to come Our hope is to raise 25000 -30000 pesos to build a bathroom and to cement the floors of the home including a wheelchair ramp. Please dig deep into your hearts and your pockets. Please try to help to the best of your abilities. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at the veterinary office of Dr Zavala at Javier Mina #38 Ajijic from 10-1 Monday to Friday. The office is behind Multiva Bank If you have a PayPal account you can transfer payments to my PayPal account. PM me for information
  13. Is that the one across from Tabarca ?
  14. So Chic , Ramon Corona in Ajijic? or Chapala?
  15. Anyone know the best one besides Mia's?
  16. Thanks to those who offered money. Hopefully, you will help us next time. Thanks to Tim who supplied a deluxe model for the Mexican Senior lady in Chapala who has had a hernia operation
  17. USTVGO on a computer has most channels (more than you would ever want
  18. Thanks to all. I'll PM you! Harry
  19. I've been asked to try to find a walker for a poor Mexican member of our community. I believe that they are looking for one with a seat and on wheels. Please PM me if you can help.
  20. I have a half dozen Crown of thorns and have never seen this.
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