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  1. Telsa/david is a professional suer/sewer-SNORK!
  2. Perfect,knowing you in real life,! wouldn't want you here. The yellow house in Lourdes is not available,in any,event. We did enjoy Bob's company in this house and when he invited us to yours when you were in Chiapas
  3. No point in crying over spilt milk. I don't speak to doctors I have fired. I ain't like you david.
  4. That's dr. Ross and he is not affiliated with Quality Care but with HSAT.
  5. You didn't see my cardio but I suspect that you saw the cardio I fired for screwing up my heart's right side by not acting appropriately so that I now have dangerous heart failure.
  6. I am quiet content and making positive use with the little time I have left and you are finally showing what you really are to the members of this board.
  7. It strikes me that parental leave is of benefit to your children having your undivided attention as parents.
  8. I'm dying a-hole. can't get out of the house and only weigh 110-120 lbs[I was a whopping 135 in those fotos] from 180because my fat is all gone and I only have a bare minimum of muscles left so that I can walk 20 feet before I need to rest and go on one of my oxygen machines. Apparently you have no shame and going to church every Sunday is nothing more than a hypocritical act.
  9. if you find that somebody has had a good life including helping others,and finding my post creepy suggests that you have a problem.
  10. I can't do any of those things anymore because of my imminent death in the next year or bit more from all that ails me. Do you find this funny too?-eh!
  11. So what! Ive been here 16 years and unlike you have done lots of diverse things.
  12. Apparently the meaning of "lifestyle choices" escapes a whole bunch of you that have nothing but real estate on your minds. I am not in a pedagogical mood for this so I suggest googling to get y'all on the right track. I will post some fotos of some of my lifestyle experiences here and it should be clear where your casa is matters not very important-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  13. I knew what I wanted and went to several Guadalajara auto sites to find it. Paid my mechanic to go check some of them and this is what I got for $110,000 and he did all the transfer stough for me.
  14. I guess I was fooled by the OP's headline "lifestyle choices". My choices can be made anywhere that I hang my hat. It really doesn't matter that we have a comfy house in Barrio Lourdes,Chapala,that's only part of the equation-eh! I am now going to my newly remodeled, tranquil courtyard and partake of a fine Czech beer and a Don Pablo cigar. pedro kertesz
  15. Yes,the rules were clearly stated by the Jalisco gummint and going to Ocotlan was a waste of money-EH!
  16. No affiliation with Scotia nor ATM usage. I'm with Scotia ,Alberta and with Intercam here and to my knowledge Intercam does not have bank accounts in Canada. When you can go to a teller[Intercam] why bother with ATM although Intercam has ATM's all over Mexico. My info is not shared between the two.
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