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  1. Nobody on this board can cause me to be upset but apparently you can upset yourself. My meds are to keep me alive just a bit longer but looks like my time will be up shortly with my heart failure kicking in on top of the COPD. My docs are concerned. Carry on with yer feeling sorry for yourself because you failed to do due diligence before you moved here. We are not rich expats but prepared before hand for med expenses here. because of my rapid deterioration in the last couple of years we have spent thousands and I'm not whining about it. I have helped many people on this board.
  2. When one lives here,one pays the price for drugs here. I need a ton of them. So what if they're more expensive than somewhere else. The costs are roughly what they are for the same in Canada,in any event. Find something else to moan about unless you get off complaining about something ya can't change.-SNORK!
  3. Yup,but since I'm gonna croak soon,I take time out for a puff or two. I don't [can't inhale]. Smoking puros ain't like smoking cigaros,in any event.
  4. Don Pablo has honoured me with my own brand. don pedro kertesz
  5. Absolutely amazing or more to the point unbelievable that you want even more banks and things like money sending outfits. 2 banks here,1 Canadian and 1 Mexican and I enjoy going to my bank.Kept firing the ones in Canada that became more and more teller-less. Are you the type of fernner couple I see here in restaurants playing with yer phones instead of [gasp!] talking to each other throughout the whole meal?
  6. Just fly it! A little wear and even lot is no big deal. When I was at my cabin in Montana July 1 and 4, I flew my pre 1948 Canadian flag and the 48 state,which obviously weren't like new. Change yer mind set from imaculate[sic] to used and still useful-EH!
  7. Jauquin in the south west corner of the Chapala mercado sells it by the block and waaaay cheaper than the other places mentioned. He has excellent cheddar and oaxaca cheese, cultured Mazamitla butter. I only mention those 4 because I have actual experience with them.
  8. another local venue is what i call that which you speak of and you're a member of even though you're a mod here
  9. It's the same[banned or died] on ALV which has much less content and active members than this board.
  10. What a burden! But under the circumstances 24/7 oxygen may just be short term so no need for expensive backup as you can get mechanically operated canisters from your equipment supplier in case of blackout.
  11. Reality seems to escape you unless you're merely projecting.
  12. This is THE place. Any other is second rate. Did you not research on here as there has been many threads on what you seek? Free white wine too.
  13. I PM'd him on the 17th and he has not read it yet even with 2 people explaining how PM's work.
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