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  1. We live in upper Ajijic at the base of the mountains and my fairly accurate rain meter is showing 1.46 at 11:30am with 5.62 overall for August. Sometimes we get more than the Ajijic weather station and sometimes less.
  2. Try 376-763-5081. Worked for me this week.
  3. There is no Salud Digna lakeside. Google salud-digna.org for locations in and around Guadalajara.
  4. Her office is above the Immigration Office at Hidalgo 271. Appointments can be made by email: info@eyecenterchapala.com or phone: 3334033857.
  5. We got over 1.5 inches in upper Ajijic.
  6. My weather station shows 28.4 inches for the year. It is in upper Ajijic.
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