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  1. Finally contacted Zeta Gas. Use 33-2010-1010 or 33-3668-3800.
  2. I have a large propane tank they used to refill from their gas truck. Z Gas apparently changed their procedure for requesting a delivery.
  3. Does anyone know of an inexpensive secure rental space in or near Chapala that could be used as an art studio?
  4. Just learned that Z Gas no longer takes requests for propane gas delivery by calling 01-376-7660790. How does one request a delivery?
  5. Have not used my cell phone in some time and do not recall the passcode. Does anyone know how to recover the passcode or someone who could do it? I do not want to do a hard reset which would wipe the phone of all its information. Thanks
  6. Fiber optic cable was installed in lower LaFloresta serveral months ago by workers in Telmex trucks. I know that central Ajijic already has fiber optic service but have not been able to learn when Telmex will make it available to residents of lower LaFloresta. Telmex has been unable to provide any information. Does anyone have an update?
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