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  1. We just returned from GDL Salud Digna. They do the tests on the Circumnavacacion st. ONLY. We got there before 8 AM, in and out in 15 mins. Results emailed no later than Saturday 7-8 PM. $950 pesos.
  2. That page published by Interbank shared below is totally misinformed. The hospital in Ajijic does not do them the test. Neither does Go Lab. The other two charge $3500 pesos and 72 hours for the results. You can go to Salud Digna in GDL and get the PCR (best) test for $950. Results in 72 hours. That is cutting it close for air travel. Most countries that require the test say it must be taken within 72 hours of departure. Tight.
  3. Greetings, A friend of mine is traveling to Columbia for a few weeks. They require a PCR Covid 19 test dated within 3 days of the travel date. So we went nosing around and discovered that these tests are quite pricey. Like the best we could find is $3500 pesos. I could not help but wonder how middle and low income Mexicans could afford such a test, if they suspect they are ill with the disease? So I thought I would ask a few friends back in the states about the price there. They are telling me the price is FREE. Huh? There is something that just does not add up here. Your comments?
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