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  1. Can you please be more specific as to the actual location of the place. You have referred to "Pet Place". Pet Place veterinary hospital is on the Libramiento behind Oxxo in Ajijic. They do not carry birds. I would hate to see some thinking it is them when it is not. Thanks
  2. Give Roberto Delgado of Chapala tree service a call - speaks English - His partner Luis does landscaping. Speaks English also. 331-411-0242 or 762-0602 They are well known and very professional and in business for many years here. Not the cheapest but worth it. There are plenty of grass cutters here and not many true landscapers.
  3. Yes they are legit - we know them - they come here every year for a party donation.
  4. https://www.amazon.com.mx/Vets-Best-Comfort-Disposable-Indicator Using these will save you a lot of grief - our 12 year old rescue of less than a year ago adapted very well with them - no washing just throw out - they work great. Vinegar for the odor is best.
  5. Coming home alone at night - no matter where you live always be aware of your surroundings. We have solar lights installed and work great - we have them set up all around our property including in our carport. We have a BOD that meets on a monthly basis at the office. You could always contact the office 765-4045 and confirm with David the office manager and come to a meeting. This way you could meet some here and ask questions of the residents. Our Fracc is a mix of expats and locals - as anywhere else you do have your clicks, some of which you may like and some you may not. We have many residents that walk their dogs, they should be leashed but some do not, they should clean up after them but some do not. We do. We feel safe here walking day or night - common sense security should be used no matter where one lives. If you feel a bit uneasy then you can carry pepper spray when you go out. Don´t know about the pool but you could always stop over at the hotel and ask. Tell them you will be living at CH - maybe if they do not have an open pool policy they may start one, you never know. Will you be purchasing or renting? Like I said in my other posting we have been here many years, mainly because of the country feel, so if that is what you are looking for then this is the place. If you need any further info please PM me and I will do my best to help.
  6. Every time the subject of CH comes up so many that do not live here seem to know it all. We have lived here for almost 10 years and would not change for anything. We originally bought and lived in Ajijic and it was not for us, talk about rules or regulations not being adhered to! Talk to the people that do live here and have for years. Mosquitoes, we had more when we lived NOB. If you are looking to live in an area that is for the most quiet and want a country feel, then this is it. You will have your occasional Mexican party with music but believe me nothing like they have in either town. Dogs, yes, you will hear dogs at times, like widesky said above. When we have an issue we speak to our Security-Maintenance person (who lives here) and he is pretty good at getting it settled. Break-ins, sure we have had some just like the other towns. We have never had one but we practice common sense security. Do we feel secure here, yes. Would I walk around at night, yes. If you are really interested, then please come out here for yourself, stop at the office and speak to our office Manager, ride around and talk to us, the people that do live here. Good luck.
  7. In answer to your question - Dr. Patricia Alcala - Chapala - 765-6205 -- cel. 333-448-9685 - Juarez no.643 - Chapala I used her when another Gyn could not help me and before I started using Dr. Elodia Ruvalcaba.
  8. I guess it all depends on your budget - I just had 8 crowns done at Dental express with no problems and happy with the work. I just this morning had to go to Dr. Haro´s office to see the root canal specialist because of another Dentist´s (NOT DENTAL EXPRESS) horrid work. Actually had to have Dental Express replace three crowns done in March by this same horrid dentist. I had three dentists at Dental Express look into the pain I was having but could not find it so that is why I went to see Dr. Haro who then referred me to his specialist. I will still use Dental express if I need more crowns because my budget will not allow going elsewhere at more than double the price.
  9. Dr, Daniel Hernandez Urologist - Integrity - 766-5154 - have been using him for years for my bad kidney - have also had surgery with him. Sorry, don´t know about insurance - we always pay in pesos. I have seen others here but have been very happy with him.
  10. Dr. Elodia Noemi Ruvalcaba at Integrity Med - 766-5154 - have used her for several years now - including major surgery. I highly recommend her.
  11. You can also do drywall (sheetrock) now - my contractor was going to do ours but we decided to paint instead so I could still see the brick. Clean job, not much of a mess also with the drywall.
  12. We have also lived in the Haciendas for 9 years - we moved from Ajijic, could not take the noise and closed in feeling. It has always made me nuts when people that do NOT live in the Fracc. all of a sudden know all about it. We do not want to live in a village and this Fracc was the closest we could get to the country feel. We have our break-ins just like the rest of the area nothing more. People need to use common sense when it comes to security and many do not, they leave doors or windows open, gates open, garage doors open. Our house was one of the first ones built back in the 70´s and yes we have had some cracks, but had some in Ajijic also. Fixed easily. When building, you need to use someone that knows what they are doing and not cutting corners with the foundation. We have some larger lots here than in the villages. We seem to be in the middle of a construction boom, many of our lots are being purchased and newer homes are being built. Actually, not to happy with that, but nothing we can do about it. I would suggest speaking to people that actually live in the Fracc instead of ones that do not. We like it here, the quiet, the country feel, close to both Ajijic and Chapala centro. Good luck.
  13. Dr. Berenice also does the Hyaluronic Acid IV treatment. Check with her office for cost. Prices here can vary so much.
  14. I wish I had known this earlier - recent experience for me was bad - improvement, I think not.
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