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  1. From the OP. Yesterday tried to activate Schwab debitcard. Keyed in numbers from SKYPE dialpad were not recognized. I don't care whose problem it was. Maybe Telmex will do better. Never hurts to have a spare. Otherwise SKYPE is OK.
  2. Has anybody figured out how to get US 800 telephone numbers? TELMEX will not do it and I am getting disgusted with SKYPE. Is there a cellular option I can subscribe here?
  3. Spray the area with WD-40. I had that problem, sprayed and they never returned. Don't know why, it just works.
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for a chiropractor? Contact information please.
  5. What is the best way to get a ride from Ajijic to a Guad hospital? For the return trip next day what is the best way to come back to Ajijic? What is the current cost.
  6. Is there a CT scan facility in Lakeside beside San Antonio Hospital? If not, is there a doctor to interpret the resulting XRays? Perhaps unjustly, I am not entirely comfortable with the analysis I got. In any case a second opinion is always a good idea.
  7. My senior dog is incontinent. Pees on floors of unglazed tile. Internet search recommends special enzyme products to eliminate urine smell. How effective are these? Are they available locally? Where? Does anyone have any other ideas? I think he is too old to be retrained or disciplined.
  8. The question probably refers to some piece of NVIDIA electronics gear.
  9. I and another friend had problems with paying for TELCEL at Oxxo. One payment was not credited to my fone, I suspect it went elsewhere. I did not watch closely as the number was entered, got a receipt etc. My friend updated 2 fones, was not credited. Went to another Oxxo. I watched the terminal as the number was entered. Had to tell the girl a couple of times the entry of my number was not complete. Finalyl she did the right thing. Starting to suspect Oxxo software for a Telcel payment has a flaw that can be exploited. Pay attention.
  10. I have had problems with Los Altos in the past. Phony receipt, partial fill etc. I only use Z-gas.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get some? I want to make some Kim Chee.
  12. My old instructor in using archival materials and methods just turned over in his grave. ****************************************** On the contrary, egg tempera predates oil by several centuries. There are egg tempera paintings in fine shape from the 14th. century. The intricate jewelry on old masters portraits was done in egg tempera on an oil foundation. Egg yolk is an emulsifier that accepts both water and oil. By adding linseed to the yolk/water mixture and adjusting the water/oil ratio one can extend drying time and do some blending. An equilibrium can be reached where the mixture is soluble in either water or oil. The water soluble oil paints offered by big name manufacturers aren't rocket science but a reversion to a method that fell into disuse. When I see some old masterpieces I give homage to an unknown chicken that made it all possible.
  13. I use Utrecht Art house brand. Good stuff. Liquin and turps will not pass customs. Nothing vaguely flammable. Use the messenger shipment method, the standard method winds up in the Mex Post office to an unknown fate. I get delivery at my door. I have also ordered powdered pigments to use with egg tempera. Anything past 1 lb. triggers Mexican customs since they think you are an importer. Oil whites tend to dry dull but you can safely use egg yolk tempera on top of oil and oil on top of tempera. Tempera dries instantly but needs 2 days for full strength, it will not peel off. I only import the cad yellows and orange. Maybe alaz crimson. Napthol red is intense and lasts forever. For all other colors I use the local ATL brand which is much cheaper. Efrem Gonzales and the small shop close to the Salvadors theatre carries ATL. I paint on Masonite which the lumberyard cuts to preferred sizes. I use vinyl white house paint to prime since the acylic gesso remains too absorbent and has large particles that need to be sanded. Under a microscope gesso has pits that absorb the paint into the substrate. Had trouble with fine lines in oil. Bought a couple of pinstriping brushes and tied them to a chopstick. The amount of body hair allows loading of enough paint whereas riggers are too soft and the paint peters out. For really fine lines egg yolk tempera in somewhat wet oil works good since the water content keeps the line from spreading. For impasto I add either powdered chalk or talcum to oil paint. Saturation is not noticeably affected. The local marble dust is too coarse but can be used. Best palette material I have found is freezer paper which Superlake has at times. Will not absorb and can be thrown away. Also the cheap plastic coated paper plates are good. The super cheap paper napkins are good for wipes and can be discarded. Jara's carries agua ras which is Mex equivalent to US paint thinner. Mex paint thinner contains acetone that kills brushes and leaves you high.
  14. I got booted from IMSS because of a late payment. The hell with them. I am told Seguro Popular is another option. I have absolutely no idea about eligibility, requirements, cost or location. Any info much appreciated.
  15. I have had IMSS for the last 17 years. I have never used their services except in 2015 I needed surgery for an intestinal malignancy. I inquired to IMSS, reported my problem and diagnosis, and started the process of having IMSS do the surgery. IMSS gave me lengthy and delayed half assed schedule that made me nervous since I thought I had a serious problem. I decided to use a private surgeon instead since the IMSS wait was so long. The private surgeon did the surgery and I have not made any IMSS claims since. I continued the IMSS coverage as a catastrophic backup. This year, through negligence, I missed the cutoff date for my yearly payment (a month or less) . Instead of the matter being treated as merely a late payment it seems IMSS is seeing my problem as a request for readmission to the program ostensibly as a new patient. I was told to a get sheet filled out by the director in Chapala. IMSS had my 2015 request for services in detail on the computer. It leaves the impression that now I was a very sick individual applying for IMSS. This is the wrong picture. I just want to renew my 17 years of coverage. The director suggested I go to Guadalajara and made it sound as if there would be an evaluation for my readmission. He sounded negative and I am concerned that I would be rejected and treated as a new patient because of missing the deadline for a payment. Has anyone else been late on an IMSS payment and how did they handle it. I welcome any and all suggestions.
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