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  1. If you are successful in finding someone to repair your rose will you please share? I have glass dolphins that my son gave me that have not survived our housekeeper either. 🙁
  2. Since you are in Riberas it might be easier to go to the one just West of the new Hospital San Antonio. There is a strip center with a restaurant upstairs, a salon downstairs and next door to the salon is a tile shop.
  3. No, the 36 pesos at the Hospital San Antonio was not a typo. It was 36 pesos total for one flu shot.
  4. They are available now at Hospital San Antonio for 36 pesos. We got ours last evening.
  5. If it is truly Tex/Mex they will be most welcome and will be a huge success. It will be necessary to have delivery at this time though.
  6. My husband had this problem. He went to Dr. Rodriguez at Hospital Ajijic. The doctor sent him home to put oil in his ear for a few days to soften the wax and then cleaned out his ear. We had thought that he needed hearing aids but all it was was wax. Never had a balance problem before or after.
  7. greeninmexico, oregontochapala is correct ... we no longer have the chair.
  8. elrich, this happened to both of us ... our SSN locked. Therefore, we did not receive our SS checks. It was because we had not received the forms they mailed us that need to be filled out saying we were still alive and living outside the U.S. At least then the office was open in Guadalajara and they handled it all by email and we got our SS checks they had been holding in about 3 weeks. We have not received a stimulus check yet either. When I went to the website to enter our banking information it said to not fill it out if we received our SS checks by direct deposit as they would use that information. When I checked again it said we would receive payment on May 15 which came and went. I checked again and it says that they have mailed our checks to the address on file ... which, of course, is here. I don't know if we will ever see those checks or not. Half the time our mail is delivered to someone else's house and part of the time it is thrown out in the yard. We found our mail and a neighbor's mail once sitting on the curb down the street while taking a walk.
  9. Does anyone know if Mago's is still in business? We used them for years with our immigration documents and we have a friend that we have referred. However, now when they are called apparently no one speaks English and when asked if this is her office a lady tells you in Spanish "not here" and hangs up. When I look on the internet it shows them open and doing the same business.
  10. vetteforron, I hope you stayed because you are needed in the care of the people you have in your facility. If that is not the case ... need to know as yours is one on our list if we ever need that kind of help. Would hate to think you have changed from years ago when you helped us when my mom was dying. I thought immediately that you were joking but then I saw you are also into fast cars? so, maybe the women and tequila are real now?
  11. We stayed because this is our home now and whatever happens to us will happen here. We have excellent doctors and hospitals available to us. Our medical insurance is here and they notified us early on for us not to worry because they were covering the virus just like they would any other illness with the same deductible. We have help here if we need it that we could not have in the States. Our housekeepers have been with us for 15 years and if we needed anything they would be here in a heart beat as we would be for them as well. Right now they are being paid to stay home because we are able to manage on our own but if one of us had a fall, or some other illness than the virus where we needed help they would be here helping. We can call our doctors on their cell phones and they answer us themselves. The weather is much better than anywhere in the States where we have relatives that we might stay with and we have 3 precious dogs that we certainly would not want to leave behind even though the housekeeper takes good care of them when we are gone. So, all in all we are very happy sheltering in place right here at home. BTW, so very sorry that there are those on this board that think it is okay to talk about anything they see fit but that no one else can without snarky comments. I believe they are the ones with time on their hands. Many of us do have a lot of time on our hands and it is nice to just connect with someone whether or not you know them once in a while. Thanks for asking.
  12. Excellent advice. Also, here are some exercises to strengthen your lungs and advise on how to breathe properly. It is a long video but very interesting and well worth listening to if you are interested in strengthening your lungs and breathing properly.
  13. I pm'd you

    1. Taaffe


      Sorry Linda, I was unclear,  It’s 125USD every 3 months! I share with 3 others and have the premium with HBO etc. So it comes to about 42$ a month.

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