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  1. Hahaha. Yes, obviously they did have a problem with that. Telling you that you are cheap ### and informing you about the reality of the situation is not a lecture. Seriously, you people come here and expect everything to be dirt-### just just 'cause it's Mexico and you're hiring Mexicans.
  2. And we're putting yo in the same bag as gringos who don't deserve to live here. The answer to your question is, they'll charge you whatever they want you to charge. Didn't you ask how much is was going to be before? No? So, your problem.
  3. ficklepie

    Sour cream

    I don't know about that, but I do know that you are wrong. 1) It tastes nothing like sour cream, so you don't even need to read the fine print. 2) You don't really think that Sello Rojo is going to sell their sour cream and label it as crema, do you? And expect people to look at the fine print? When most Mexicans don't even know what sour cream is? Sello Rojo is crema, it's not sour cream. They're made in two different ways.
  4. ficklepie

    Sour cream

    That is not correct. "Crema ácida" is much more common (Google the two phrases in quotes and see which is more common).
  5. ficklepie

    Sour cream

    Right. It's not sour cream. It's crema.
  6. ficklepie

    Sour cream

    That's not sour cream. That's crema. Sour cream is labeled crema ácida.
  7. Only sad, pathetic gringos shop at WalMart.
  8. Holy crap. Try this: https://bit.ly/sdgfgsdfg
  9. No, if you don't live here, you're not allowed in. 9,000 cars were turned away over the weekend.
  10. Juan is living in a pipe dream because he is a devoted AMLO follower. Juan's source of information is Facebook for all things coronavirus. Mexico has in NO way "turned the corner" -- it has barely even started. Harry, you should delete this post because it is completely false and the link you posted isn't even about Mexico? Irresponsible. The chart you mention is also misleading. The reason why the US looks better is because of a lack of testing.
  11. Support your local, small corner stores for basic purchases, for XXXX sake! The small stores have everything you need. ficklepie, this is Mod 5. You are not allowed to write dirty 4 letter words starting with FU on this forum,. Doing so means I have to give you your first warning. Please, no more swearing MOD 5
  12. Go back to your home country. You're not needed here. Signed, The Mexicans of Ajijic
  13. Last review on TripAdvisor was five days ago: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g499405-d2456879-Reviews-Armando_s_Hideaway-Ajijic.html
  14. In other words, you're selling illegal services to your customers and most likely not even informing them. Nice.
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