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  1. Looking for a person with experience looking at houses to determine electrical issues for high CFE bills
  2. Looking for a reputable, skilled gold jeweler to repair an 18ct gold link bracelet.
  3. Lou, I created an account and whatapped them but have never had any luck posting on the Epura site so I'm skeptical.
  4. Anyone have an Epura Driver cell number that delivers Water Garafones to West Ajijic?
  5. Did speak to a manager. Same result. Bought a similarly priced unit ($100pesos more) from Farmarcia Maskaras that works fine.
  6. Purchased a "Oximetro de Pulso para Dedo" for $675 pesos from Farmarica Guadalajara. My wife brought it home to me and when I installed the (2)-AAA batteries (not included), the top of the unit popped off. The white on/off button fell out and bounced I don't know where. It is made of plastic and when I snapped the last battery in place, I apparently broke two of the tabs holding the top on. Pressing the contact switch under where the button used to be did not turn the unit on. When I tried to return the unit less than 1.5 hours after it was purchased, they refused to refund or replace the unit. I've included a picture of the unit. I would score it 0 / 5.
  7. Alpha1's link took me to a video of the options to use. I did option 1, download the samsung transfer app. Worked like magic and I got everything.
  8. Just bought a new samsung cell from telcell. Is there a ajijic business that can transfer my fotos to the new cell?
  9. Looking for a good dog groomer (shampoo and nails) West of Ajijic
  10. Looking for a seller of Microfiber fabric for re-upholstering some chairs. Either Lakeside or Guadalajara
  11. The US Notary is Yvonne 765.2917 or 2603.

    Your other option is to use an on line notary.

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