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  1. Camille, there are a lot of people looking for you on the Mexico Mule Forum.
  2. Furthermore, if an Uber driver is selling you a trip 'off-app', he's not driving for Uber--he's driving for himself and can ask you to pay him whatever the traffic will bear. I'd bargain with him over the price. I've used Uber services in several cities in both Mexico and the USA. No Uber driver has ever offered me 'off-app' services. No Uber driver has ever accepted a cash payment from me, not even as a tip. If I'm not mistaken, Uber in Guadalajara does accept cash payments, so YMMV. If it were me and an Uber driver offered 'off-app' services, I'd report him and his offer to Uber. His 'off-app' offer of service means he's stealing from Uber. Here's the link for that: https://help.uber.com/. Use "I had another issue".
  3. I feel certain that the birria seasoning also makes a sauce for simmering the meat. G'wan, get a goat and give it a try. Jajajaja!
  4. As soon as I asked the question I figured it would be a little package just like you posted, not McCormick Birria Seasoning--if there were such a thing. I'd say add a little at a time to hot water till the consomé has the flavor you want. Are you making birria de chivo or birria de res? I'm just curious.
  5. Is this commercially packed? Could you post a picture--and are there instructions on the package?
  6. Umm...Mexico is also North America. Maybe you could say which country you mean?
  7. I have exclusively used Chrome for many years. For a few weeks starting in early August Chapala.com showed with no "Secure" prior to the URL. Beginning last Thursday morning, I once again see a lock, the word SECURE, and the full URL starting with green https:// followed by the web address for the web boards here. Make of it what you will.
  8. Your link is broken, here are a couple of my photos till yours is back on line.
  9. I live in Col. Del Valle Tlacoquemécatl in Mexico City and a camote/plátano seller comes down my street fairly often. I feel so happy when I hear the blast of the steam whistle--I know that the old traditions live on. The knife sharpener passes by, too, with his pan pipe; the scrap metal truck comes by several times a day with its loudspeaker blaring, the harmonium player stands on the street corner with his wonderful tunes pouring out of the organ, and the church bells in the tiny church in the park near me peal the Angelus at noon. In the middle of this huge city, I feel the pulse of Mexico and its small-town past that keep the rhythm of the days.
  10. When I entered this site just now, the URL once again shows up as https://. Either Chapala fixed it or it's magic. Jrod, ComputerGuy, et al, let me know please what your URL shows.
  11. RV, what you say is true about the left turn is only true in certain areas of Mexico, certain parts of certain cities, and some rural areas. One of my pet peeves is people who generalize their personal experiences to Mexico as a whole. "All Mexicans..." do X. "In Mexico, everyone does..." XY.
  12. Superama, Walmart, and Bodega Aurrera (spelling, ComputerGuy) are all Walmart. When you're shopping at Walmart, you'll see products with the Aurrera brand, as well as products with the Great Value brand. All Walmart. It seems that Walmart has borrowed plastic bags from another of its stores in the area. And by the way, the other day I picked up a Great Value brand cookie: Fudge Mint. Much to my surprise, it's as close to a Girl Scout Thin Mint as any cookie could be. I hope your Walmart carries them.
  13. jajajaja. I noticed from the start.
  14. It's always showed up as secure (using the https:// designation) until the last few weeks. Something changed, and like jrod, I messaged them but have received no response. We do have some spammers who show up here from time to time, the SECURE designation is apparently easy to get and KEEP, and it troubles me that Chapala doesn't appear to give enough of a damn to make the site secure again.
  15. Thanks for responding, jrod. It certainly is. I just contacted them myself, mentioning concern for the Chapala.com community and asking for a solution to the problem.
  16. For about two weeks, when I have come into this web board, I've been noticing that the URL is shown as NOT SECURE. Anybody have any ideas about what's going on? ComputerGuy?
  17. Brigitte, I found this on Mercado Libre: 1kg bags to order by the dozen. And apparently the name is cremor tártaro in Mexico. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/alimentos-bebidas/comestibles/cremor-tartaro
  18. A butter thread! A butter thread! 😍
  19. Fonovisa also contacted me via PM, but like others, I believe Fonovisa is a troll. S/he actually asked me to buy it FOR her/him. Fonovisa, try Amazon.com.mx for the Mexican version.
  20. THIRTEEN HUNDRED PESOS!!! Te vieron la cara, amigo.
  21. If you want baking powder, look in any supermarket or corner abarrotes for Royal (roy-AHL), the most common brand in Mexico. It's an actual brand, but has become a generic the way "Kleenex" is for a tissue.
  22. I beg your pardon? "...places you don't go to and didn't when you were here..."? You have a crystal ball? I went frequently to the Abastos even when I lived in Ajijic, and lived close enough to the Abastos in GDL that it was routinely part of my shopping AND eating. I have no idea who you are (nor is it important), but I doubt that you followed me around in the Abastos to see what I was doing.
  23. I believe the store Metuchenmama refers to is Mamá Coneja. http://mamaconeja.com/ It truly is a wonderful place to shop. Friends and I often went to the Abastos for comida, nearly always at the Korean fonda. It's called Comida Coreana Lee, and it used to be excellent, although it's been a long time since I've been there. Its address (inside the market) is Calle 2 #192. I wouldn't worry about the cleanliness at the other fondas, any more than you would worry about the cleanliness at the Korean place. Most of them have been in business for many, many years and are not in the business of making their customers sick. The comment that "Mexicans fill them" implies that Mexicans don't care about cleanliness or getting sick. Please.
  24. Tiny, that's a super idea. I'll talk to them about it! Thanks so much.
  25. Here's where in Jalisco, it tells you what documents you need as a foreign resident, and the CURP is free: https://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/300070/Jalisco.pdf
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