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  1. We need a few household items to be made. We find Tonala overwhelming and am seeking a person that is familiar with the local companies and people who make household items (ie. furniture, paintings, glass, dinnerware, etc). Does anyone have a reference of someone that we can contact to organize a shopping venture? 😊 Gracias
  2. I am in Manzanillo and need a wine fridge. What store would you recommend in Guadalajara? Our decision is a kitchenaid and we can’t locate one in Manzanillo. Also price would be better in Guadalajara. Gracias😀
  3. Any dealership or salesperson as a recommendation? Can anyone offer positive or negatives we should look out for? Looking for a full picture, thank you for your help. We will take all your suggestions as you are the greatest educators! Thanks😀
  4. Hi all. In the market for a new Acura or Kia and would like recommendations on who we should contact for purchase. Any shared experiences for us to learn from would make us grateful! Gracias😀
  5. Thanks again I will try them. No response from Beatriz, so happy for another option?!
  6. Hola, We are bringing friends into Guadalajara for an overnight. They have never been to Mexico and we want them to experience some historical sights in Guadalajara. Can anyone recommend a English speaking guide that they were happy with? We wish to do some walking and some driving, maybe to Tlaquepaque if time will allow. Gracias for your help
  7. We have friends flying into Guadalajara from the USA. Where is the best place for us to meet or pick them up? Thanks
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