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  1. I am living in Mexico City now. How do I get a replacement passport in Mexico City?Also what documents are needed? Gracias.
  2. I called LCS this morning, and they knew nothing.
  3. I spoke with a man this morning and the story is the Government just wants to know if people who live in mexico are still here. I don't much, but it would be nice to know the date, etc.
  4. Is anyone aware of a woman who is asking to meet with 2 people to continue to get your Social Social?
  5. Is there anyone who knows of a place to obtain a loan? Gracias.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find for a Panasconic battery pack? It is model 25942 Series, 5.8 GHz Cordless Handset answering system . Gracias.
  7. Has anyone had good service with them? I have been calling for 5 weeks and no resolution
  8. When i have gone on-line the pages are just almoacaciasacast white. any one else with the same experince? Muchas gracias.
  9. After 9 tries with Capital one 360 my card is back on!!
  10. Has an alternative anyone has used beside Cap 360. I have a card but the damn people can't get my password right. I have been calling them about 20 times and the issue is still not resolved. muchas gracias.
  11. The last 3 times Superlake would not accept my Visa CC; my card. The card is current, etc. Has any one had some similar exerience? Muchas gracis.
  12. I was lucky. I had a package for my phone. Is fully charged and no problems. I was on the phone for a good hour and it great.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get a new or slightly used Panasonic for my Vonage phone, cordless, 1 unit; phone & base? Gracias.
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