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  1. I have an opening on my account for just $750p a month for the top package that we can get here in Mexico. Please no negative comments, only post if you are interested. Thanks
  2. Number does not work. Call me 333 953 7583
  3. Please call me. 333 953 7583.
  4. When can I see it? Thanks
  5. Also sent you a message, no reply.
  6. Sorry I totally forgot to take pictures and get the name brand, Will be back over there tomorrow and get it for you.
  7. We do, I can get you pictures and info later today.
  8. Jeffrey went to Bucerias because his wife Ruby's family is all there.
  9. Yup he is my husbands Dr. also. Wayne had back surgery 8 months ago and is all brand new. He was walking the next day and back to the gym lifting after only 1 month. We had 4 friends that went to him before Wayne's surgery and have had many more friends have surgery after and all are very happy. This Dr. is a miracle worker!!!
  10. Friend who had an accident is laying flat on her back and lost her Shaw person, and needs to find another account she can be added to. She has an 800 receiver. Thanks
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