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  1. I renew monthly. I just put an alarm in my calendar app to remind me a day before it expires.
  2. On the Amigo plan if you renew before the plan expires then your data will rollover to the next monthly cycle, I started renewing early late summer 2022 and today I have 15 gb. I normally get 3gb if I renew after the expiration date.
  3. If you live in West Ajijic-Jocotepec area there is also an iShop in San Juan Cosalá at the hotel on the carretera about 50 meters west of the entrance to the Aquas Termales.
  4. When I was tourist status I used Mexadventure.com. Chris is the guy there. One accident and all went well. One year policy is usually the best deal if you crunch the numbers.
  5. I think I remember the previous gov of Jalisco, Sandoval, got whacked in PV a few years back. Maybe Alfaro is doing his job as he should. I will give him the benefit of doubt. Es el mismo pero no igual. No different than the police, the politicians may all be the same but not equal.
  6. My next door neighbor was in need of extensive care in upper Ajijic back in 2012. There were three unmarried Mexican sisters across the street who managed his needs for about a year. Forunately they could walk to restaurants, Ajijic Clinica, and Farmacia Guadalajara. Driving required the help of another family member. They were paid as much as the elderly expat could afford. The financial compensation was reasonable at the time. Eventually his health deteriorated with dementia and he was moved to a nursing home. A year ago, a single expat who lived next door to the sisters had a stroke. The sisters have helped her a lot during her recovery. There are options for some. YMMV.
  7. I have what I was given in Ajijic at the office across from Bancomer.
  8. I suggest you ask a trusted neighbor. You may be surprised how caring and helpful your Mexican neighbor on your street will be. Mexicans know that their govt will not help them so they depend upon each other.
  9. I had mine laminated at a papeleria. Something like 12 years ago. Likes like new today. And keep a copy in my phone in the archives folder just in case I lose it.
  10. https://www.farmaciasespecializadas.com/ This farmacia has industrial strength meds. A Bancomer branch is across the street. My credit and debit cards were denied at the terminal, I suspect due to the amount $115,000 MXN for Ibrutinib. Buena suerte
  11. Knowing how the judicial system works in Mexico, one wonders if Ovidio Guzman got the same jail cell as El Chapo in the Altiplano prison complete with tunnel.
  12. En Culiacán no es necesario usar cubrebocas, solo chaleco antibalas.
  13. Considering the hundreds of locals and expats who rely on public transit daily at lakeside, I see no harm in taking a proactive stance to improve bus service. Of course, you still have the right to whine and complain on the web boards about the traffic congestion. It is your choice.
  14. Yes you are right. I made a mistake and I apologize to @Lexy. I knew the offensive post was directly above Ian's but had been deleted. A senior moment on my part.
  15. To clarify, Lexy edited his post so now there is confusion for those late. Ian did not quote Lexy's post.
  16. Thanks for the correct spelling of Año with the tilde. 😂
  17. Ask which vaccine the provider has, Ajijic Hospital has the high dose version for the 65+age group.
  18. Wonder what the best installation method would be if the wall is tile over soft mexican brick. I've seen large anchors here fail in a year and pull out from the brick. Depends on the angle of the force bearing on the grab bar.
  19. For those that do use data, the cool trick with Telcel Plan Amigo is that if you recharge a day before your Amigo plan expires, then your data carries over to the next month.
  20. If you call the police when the thief is in your home and they find him in your home then they will take action. After the fact, then no investigation unless you know someone in the minsterio publico office.
  21. Maybe in Mexico City or Guadalajara there are investigations, but not with the Municipal Police in Jocotepec. First hand experience with five neighbors when I lived in Jocotepec for 10 years. Multiple burglaries and videos submitted to the police. The Joco police recognized the burglar in the videos but did nothing. They even knew where he lived on Calle Independencia in Joco. They even knew that he had a criminal history for theft in the area for many years. After receiving no help with the police, the residents of the fracc took matters in their own hands and one Sunday they managed to block the thief from leaving the fracc after another burglary. This fracc has only one entrance. They then called the police. The police told the residents that they had to allow the burglar to leave the fracc because they were depriving him of his rights. Eventually someone (guess who) put a hit on the guy and he was whacked. It is not just Joco. I was in the Ajijic police station once trying to resolve a problem when a local Mexican ran into the station and asked for help because he had just been carjacked on Hidalgo two blocks from the plaza. Four officers were playing cards and they did nothing. Maybe things have changed. I left that area 4 years ago.
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