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  1. It's been 12 years or more, but that seems to be about right. The bus driver was the one who announced it was a 14 hour backup and there more than a dozen buses ahead of ours. Some passengers removed their luggage and started walking toward the US.
  2. Not accurate to call it a tunnel, more like we went under the public roadway. I remember there were no cars in line at the bridge so no wait. It was a standalone CBP booth with no others nearby.
  3. That was the same experience I had in Laredo a few years back on Omnibus. A couple of days before Christmas and we were stuck in traffic so far from the US border I could not even see the bridge crossing. The bus driver stood up and said the wait would be about 14 hours but he could call a cab and the cab driver would take us to the US via a short cut. Myself and four others went for it. In a few minutes the cab came driving against incoming traffic in the other lanes to pick us up. In about 5 minutes he drove thru a tunnel and then we arrived at a lone CBP booth at the Laredo crossing. No wait, we were the only vehicle. Flash the passport and boom we are in the USA. 200 Pesos. What a deal. 😁
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