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  1. Mexico is aligned with the US and your ungrateful use of the slur should be brought to the attention on the INM. Go back home, please.
  2. Dang if that placebo treatment isn't effective. It balances your wallet with theirs. Screw the scientific method, a few herbs and needles is all that is needed. It's a faith based argument against double blind clinical studies.
  3. My neighbors park at Soriana as some have experienced theft from or vandalism to their foreign plated cars near the tiangui.
  4. If he writes the infraction up and you give him enough, he might and pocket the excess.
  5. Paying the cops more is not a solution. When I lived in Guatemala the government thought that if they raised their pay considerably that they would not seek out bribes. They raised their pay to an envious level, but the graft continues by cops embolden by their obvious success and income.
  6. Parker Insurance issue me a policy. They said they write liability only and issue solely to those with a motorcycle operators license. Without a license it would be hard to find like you stated.
  7. If a golf cart can go 20 MPH (32 KPH) and is street legal with tag and insurance, why should they be relegated to back roads? The speed attainable is about the speed limit in the cities.
  8. I applied this April in Chapala, was granted a three year policy, and paid nothing.
  9. Yes. Go to Chapala. I went this year with my sole surname and papers. The kind lady had me out in 15 minutes.
  10. The CURP printouts do not have the area on it to laminate into a card anymore.
  11. MOD's don't whine. Others carry on a conversation, both free and fast.
  12. My point is that one should have a colonoscopy first for screening because many need those polyps removed. Your calling that barbaric is hysterical.
  13. The colonoscopy is done as a first line diagnosis tool because polyps are not only visualized, they can be removed to prevent them from becoming cancerous.
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