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  1. I did not know he died. He certainly made Ajijic a fun place to be starting with my Club Hidalgo. Very talented man. May he RIP.
  2. Getting tired of Shaw service. Has anyone had good consistent Internet Tv operating with Ilox fibre optic. I’ve tried options before but got nothing but buffering. Also, I’m not a techie so would need someone to install and test their service.
  3. I know this topic has been covered before but I recall someone recommending a lady who lives in behind La Paz liquor store area. Anyone know of this or someone else who gives instruction?
  4. I know in the past this topic has come up but I recall someone recommending a lady that lives just behind La Paz liquor store. Anyon3 recall?
  5. Great a three day weekend. I’m getting tired of 7 day weekends. Change is good. Lol
  6. Not sure what is happening at Le Paz. I’ve been buying Mexican cigars there for several years with a vanilla aroma. First the ran out of them from Veracruz ( both with aroma then natural ). I switched to Don Toribio first with vanilla then natural. Sold out of both again. In fact the whole cabinet is almost empty. Nobody in the store can tell me what’s happening. They keep promising more soon but it’s been months now. Desperately looking for any alternative.
  7. Does anyone know of a good Pediatrist in Ajijic?
  8. I will come over around 9:00 am tomorrow if that is ok. I’ve been able to access all my messages to you but not the one with your phone number. Could you repeat that for me please and I’ll see you tomorrow morning as close to 9:00 as I can.
  9. I do have the cue and case in my possession now. Regardless of you original post for a cue and case, I was incorrect in telling you it was a double cue and case. My apologies for my mistake. I’m also trying to get the price reduced to $800. pesos but I’m not sure she will accept. Notwithstanding, if $1,000. Is okay I can deliver the cue to you early tomorrow morning if you give a a specific address. I’m not familiar with Chapala so an address with closest intersection would be helpful. Bob Chambers
  10. I really appreciate your weekly data as we are @bout to return to Ajijic on the 18th. Curious though, do you have access to number of deaths?
  11. Thank you Val for answering my question. We are returning to Ajijic from Canada on October 18th and will automatically self quarantine. We were wondering why we hadn’t heard of any Canadian or American via FB/messenger or texts from friends who stay all year. With our age bracket, it was just unlikely that absolutely nobody from NOB had tested positive but good to hear the numbers are very low. Thank you again.
  12. We’ve been watching closely and in touch with many friends still in Ajijic and have yet to hear of a single positive case for a North American. Can that be true given our age bracket? We are flying back to Ajijic on October 18th and are encouraged by what we are NOT hearing. We will self quarantine for 14 days automatically, possible exception to buy food but wearing masks and go very early to avoid crowds.
  13. It’s commonly used for men to describe how short they want their haircut.
  14. Fully intend to be back mid October as usual unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Fingers crossed. The situation here in Ontario is pretty well under control with daily cases consistently under 200 for several straight days. Businesses are cautiously re-opening except for Bars/restaurants unless you can offer patio service with proper spacing. Had my first haircut in 4 months last night. Hairdresser asked me which number I used and I told her I couldn’t remember so she used a lawnmower. Then I went home and weighed myself. 😂😂😂😂🍷🍷
  15. Both borders ( mex-us and us-can ) remain closed except for essential services. However, when you are simply returning to your home country they have been just passing you through. We had friends Drive their RV back in the last month.
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