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  1. Thanks all. I have got a mule lined up. Buying from Amazon or Merc. Libre will assure my demise.
  2. I need to borrow an oxygen concentrator. When I moved to Chapala 4 years ago I brought one but didn't have the need but Doctor Sam did for a patient and I let it go. My COPD has flared to a fatal situation. Oxy level range from 83 to 87. I now an in Melaque, went to the Jalisco clinic in Cihuatlán, and was placed in a hall bed with another in the hall attached to the building with three rooms. All covid except me. I have been vaxed. No mask, no sheet, no water, no toilet, and was quickly told to supply a helper or leave. I left the next morning. Can you spare yours for a month maximum? I will arraign transport and whatever to get it here. PLEASE.
  3. At least those that use it won't die from worms.
  4. There is another reason to not plant from seed, one much more disappointing.
  5. This thread has gone from a pity party to a pizzin' match. Always the same cast.
  6. I will go with science and doctors, not those like you.
  7. Some people are just tired of those that are forever the victim.
  8. Buy a SIM card from your preferred service, bring it with you, and buy a GSM phone here. Simple.
  9. A quitclaim deed has one signature, the grantor's.
  10. I did it at the US Consulate. Costly, $50 USD, but nobody can do it better.
  11. “The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.” ― Delos Banning McKown
  12. I avoid all stores that require masks. Too may don't and being vaccinated, I did my part. Beyond that, me vale!
  13. Wasn't a link. It was a linked image. I have replaced it with a copy of the image. Thanks.
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