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  1. RickS, thanks. Agree with your opinion. We were planning on passing thru Culican this Monday. We have a condo lined up for 3 months. I think we’ll just hold off for 5-10 days and see what happens. Thanks again.
  2. We are traveling to Mazatlan and will be driving via 15D going by Culican. Has anybody heard if the violence is just in town or is it near 15D that passes nearby. We are leaving soon but may have to change our travel plans. Thanks for any inputs you may have. TIA
  3. Planning a trip to Mexico in several months. Have there been any gas shortages that you may have heard of? tia.
  4. Just a side note about all this testing. My wife her sister and I were tested prior to returning to the US of A about three weeks ago ar Soriana. Not a soul asked for it either in Mexico or the U.S. I’m not telling anyone not to get tested but sure was a waste of time and money as well as disappointing. So much for government giving a s…..
  5. Dotcalm, just sent you a postmark. We live in GV and often travel to Chapala.
  6. I have been trying and trying to make local (lakeside) calls from Chapala with no luck. I’ve used every combination that I can find online to no avail. Can anybody tell me how to make my calls? I have a U.S. cell phone, T-Mobile, and am trying to make local calls to Mexican cell phones and Mexican landlines. TIA!
  7. We will be traveling to Chapala later this month from Tucson, Az. I am very familiar with driving in Mexico as we lived in Chapala for eleven years. Instead of going through Nogales we are considering Presido, Tx. Has anybody done this after the latest post above? What were the road conditions? Did you spend the night somewhere or did you drive straight through? Thanks in Advance!!
  8. Help. Looking for hotels that will accept my dog, about 20 lbs. My internet search has found nothing. Navojoa is preferable. TIA! ,
  9. I am Medicare and Tricare for Life eligible. I recently used Lakeside medical for PT and they billed TFL for the services. I have not yet seen the EOB, when I do I will share the results.
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