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  1. Ben Bajarin, writing for tech.pinions:
  2. My iPhone X works great, 4G LTE, TMobile plan with a US number, via online Apple store delivered in USA. I got it about 6 months ago. 4G hotspot works great in SJC when telecable goes down. Apple has over 1 billion users with better customer satisfaction than any other smartphone manufacturer. The people who attack Apple users as a cult that have been dooped in some way are misguided. Google and Apple have both won the mobile era, they are merely consumer choices. There is no one correct choice for everyone. Price is just one factor in an individual’s buying choice. It’s like cars, many choices available and all are likely to do their intended job. Pick the one you like, are comfortable with and can afford.
  3. Tacos Los Primos in Jocotepec has great al pastor tacos. On the same street as Farmacia Guadalajara and a block past the Chinese Restaurant on the same side of the street. Open only in the evenings. They also make al pastor gringas ( with cheese )
  4. I pay my CFE bill in advance for my own convenience. I have also paid IIlox in hopes of helping to fund better infrastructure for the area. Since the costs are relatively small for me, the risk is also small with the potential of great reward ( fast internet ). It is a simple equation of low risk, high reward for me. Your mileage may vary, and that’s ok.
  5. Even though it is not on the menu, their snapper zarandeado is among the best in town.
  6. Telecable offers internet, TV and phone service as well...
  7. We prepay (anticipo) CFE which works great except they do not print the remaining credit on your bill, one has to ask CFE what the remaining balance is...
  8. Buy from the Apple online store in Mexico and have it delivered to your door. https://www.apple.com/mx/ipad-9.7/
  9. This does not answer the op question but it does talk about fishing Lake Chapala. Old fishing boats have been destroyed and new fishing boats with efficient engines have been given to the local fishermen. Pollution reduction.
  10. This Jalisco report lists the number one source as intentional then agricultural.... http://incendios.semadet.jalisco.gob.mx/comparativo-incendios
  11. Almost all forest fires are set by humans, most are out of control agricultural burns.
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