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  1. I would settle for a friendly consensus here as to what is reasonable for an objective to start.
  2. It is a ridiculously absurd way to do road resurfacing. Nothing charming about it and needlessly wasteful to the extent of billions of pesos.
  3. "To date, as much as 20 percent of Mexico has come under control of the cartels as previously reported by CIA analysts. " https://www.realclearwire.com/articles/2023/01/07/the_invasion_equation_874351.html
  4. Last year's was my first encounter - no warning. Never again.
  5. It cost plenty to repair the damage from the storm of unavoidable gravel on the road to Mazamitla last spring. Unnecessary.
  6. I already have a full-time job dealing with the extranjeros telling me what they know.
  7. Throwing gravel on wet tar must be terribly wasteful and certainly makes a mess and damages vehicles. There are much better ways to schedule work and avoid traffic jams.
  8. Anyone have influence with the town to help them plan repairs better and to use a more sane repaving method?
  9. Yes. There is confusion. My counterparty's attorney states that NYS will not recognize RON for real estate transactions. The MD DMV states that RON is not accepted for the purpose of giving power of attorney. Ugh.
  10. Maryland and New York do not accept anything other than wet ink documentation of physical witness by a US based notary. Ugh!
  11. Anyone else finding recently that your bank card does not work at merchants who use wireless card processors?
  12. O'Rourke is a regulated broker, not a principal, to my knowledge.
  13. The name of the organization was Pasos Milagrosos.
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