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  1. Our vehicle has 10 amp cigarette lighters ... not enough to power a 300 watt inverter charging a portable battery at about 200 watts. Thanks Go Solar for clarifying to use DC input for calculating wire gauge. It seems the calculation depends on whether the circuit is considered critical or non-critical. The instructions for using the wire gauge chart say: Critical circuits, with 3% allowable voltage drop, include Panel main feeders Bilge blowers Electronics Navigation lights Non-critical circuits, with 10% allowable voltage drop, include General lighting Windlasses Bait pumps General appliances Would a circuit to a pure sine wave inverter, which has a built-in 40 amp fuse, be critical or non-critical?
  2. We don’t have room in our minivan for a second lead acid battery, so the one under the hood is really the only one to work with. Thanks Go Solar for the chart about using correct wire size. I think the connecting wires on the BESTEK 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Car Adapter DC 12V to AC 110V look to be about 12 gauge. That would be easier than 6 gauge all around. Looking at the chart though, I get a little confused. Do you measure with the input to the device or the output? A round trip of 25 feet from the van battery to the device, and critical circuit type, would be either 300 watts / 12V = 25 amps or 300 watts / 110V = 2.72 amps. In the first case the chart says 6 gauge. In the second it says 12 gauge. Which is correct?
  3. Thank you all for responding... within hours of my post! Very impressed again with this web board. My thoughts from watching YouTube videos and reading the comments have been to run 6 gauge positive and negative wires from the battery through the grommet on the passenger side of the vehicle. I know 6 gauge wires are big and might be difficult to get through the grommet. Just getting access to the grommet will be a challenge. Once through they would connect to a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter. It will mainly be used to charge our portable Bluetti battery while driving. The Bluetti has a maximum input limit of 200 watts. The inverter has an on/off switch, so we'll turn it off whenever the engine isn't running to avoid running down the van battery. There would be a 50 amp fuse or breaker near the van battery. I want the inverter in the cabin so we won't have to open the hood every time to turn the inverter on or off. Also I don't have the tools or experience to do this job myself and would be happy to pay someone to do it. Do you all know anyone I could hire to do this job, or maybe one of you guys? I'll try to find the stereo shop geeser mentioned and see about them.
  4. Looking for someone who knows how to run power cables from a minivan's battery through a grommet in the van's firewall and into the cabin. The cables will power an inverter behind the front seats. Our portable Bluetti power station will be plugged into the inverter for fast charging while driving. Our portable refrigerator will always be plugged into the Bluetti for camping. We have a convertible bed in the minivan and will be touring national and state parks this summer.
  5. I think I've got it: first try to get both RT visa applications accepted and approved at a lenient consulate the States. If only one gets approved, then the other spouse enters with an FMM for 180 days, and after the first spouse gets the final RT card in Mexico the other spouse applies in Mexico to be sponsored by the spouse with the RT. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  6. What are the income requirements for a married couple from the USA applying for Residente Temporal (RT) visas in Mexico? My wife has enough pension to qualify for an RT as an individual, but my social security is not enough for me to qualify as an individual. Is the requirement for a married couple from the USA less than twice the requirement for two individuals? Also, is there a minimum amount of time the couple has to be married before applying at a consulate in the States for their RTs?
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