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    Luxury bath & body products, goats, quality horses, dogs, cats, country life, gardening, cooking, spinning & weaving, sewing, Tarot, music & great food with friends, good wine, people with a sense of humor.

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  1. Thanks to all who responded. I have had a week or so of severe neurological symptoms, thankfully now under control with acupuncture. I really like Tampico, as I lived here 3 years back in the 80s. Sad, that news story, but it's not what I find with "boots on the ground." In fact, it is much quieter than Chapala & I like the prices of housing here. I have a few friends hunting houses for me while I recover & work on nutritional issues. What a blessing this illness! And in my "Trash" can at my email, I stumbled on a message I had deleted - an invitation to join the Toxic Mold Summit, hosted by Toxic Mold Specialist, Dr. Margaret Christenson, M.D. It's been a week of lectures from other physicians who, after their own experiences with toxic mold, have redirected their medical focus to specialize in treatment for toxic mold. The Universe even directed me to an acupuncturist (from India) who had her own toxic mold story. We are working together to improve my sleep & diet. I have a lot of confidence in her, as she's been through the same thing. In another blessed twist, she is now selling my soaps from her office, as her clients are always asking for something natural. And she has hooked me up with a group to do some paid teaching work, as well as some workshops. I do believe I'm going to like it here. Thanks again to all who responded.
  2. I moved to Tampico recently and the house I rented had toxic mold. I am now very ill and looking for a 2-bedroom house or apartment I can rent, furnished. My requirements are: 1, That the house be free of mold 2. That there is good air circulation & plenty of windows in the house. 3. That there is good counter space in the kitchen. Of course, this would happen at the worst time of year, when everything is full of snowbirds, but I need to get back so I can take treatment by Dr. Bea. Anyone with any information, please PM me or call 332-6666-031. Thanks.
  3. Typical "ugly American." I feel for the poor gentleman. She's a complete bitch I never hope to meet.
  4. Rony - I would be delighted to formulate a special shampoo for Miss Virginia, or even a gentle anti-fungal oil treatment that can be left on. Guarantee the soap will rinse out clean & you will LOSE the fungus issue.
  5. Dear Rony -

    I've returned from the US to find what appears to be a housing shortage in Chapala.

    Can you please send me a copy of your famous "List" to JaboneraNatural@protonmail.com?

    I would be most grateful.

    I'm staying in a friend's apartments atm, but there's never any hot water & the oven doesn't work, etc.  Basically, the building's crumbling around my head.

    I just need a place where I can make my soap & live happily & keep warm until I save enough for a Jeep & some land on the south side of the lake.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance, Sir.

    Best vibes to you & Miss Virginia.



    Melanie Cady - 332-666-6031

  6. Noticed that, Chillin. Very cool of you. Would love to get the address of the house they're staying in. I'm a peaceful person, but this has gone far enough. Really thot me being dumb was the limit, but apparently they aspire to much more than I gave them credit for.
  7. Exactly, Angus. She may have changed her "look" a bit The 2-level, 2-tone brown/blonde hair can be covered with wig; however, the 5"8" frame & 450 lbs. would take some doing. Husband is between 5'9" & 5'11", bearded, very quiet, and sleeps most of the day, or did at my place. They were to spend one night. Never said anything about having 2 dogs. Lucky I had some help to remove them. They refused to leave voluntarily. She got ugly, broke a lot of things that did not belong to me, which I had to make good on. And helped themselves to other things around the house. They went to Hotel Perico that night, where they lied about the dogs again, etc. Tom & Jan ejected them the day after, I believe. I got back last week. They must have seen me in the street, shopping. When I got back to my apartment, there was a "gift" & message from her waiting for me. She had to send via another website because I've blocked all her phones, emails, etc. They keep inventing new internet names so they can continue to harrass me. Really tired of this, just wanna live in peace. If I could get their address (or within a few houses), I could send some friends to have a chat & hopefully resolve this.
  8. Good to know. Wish I knew where they are staying so I could send friend to "deliver a peaceful message," LOL.
  9. Good deal, Alberca! Thanks for info. Should I have to make a police report, they'll know of whom I am referring!
  10. They see themselves as geniuses... Will use all kinds of tricks to deceive or take you in. I don't want to discuss all the damage they did to my house/pets/plants/peace of mind. Apparently, she sees me as a primary target. This may get very ugly, but I will not be cowed by this beastly couple. I don't understand how MC/Admin simply shut me down without verifying my data, taking her part entirely... They are seriously dangerous people & need to be avoided. Last I heard, they were in Lomas de Ajijic. I notice MC/Admins thot it appropriate to delete this post as well, to the detriment of those who live nearby as potential victims.
  11. I am not going to mince words here. Yes, they are active again (or still ) in this area. After having a LONG visit (7 months) with my son nob, I have been back less than a week. Yesterday, in my Inbox on my private email was a "gift" from her... They must have seen me in the Avenida in Chapala or perhaps in the mall in Ajijic. She began posting here as 'Denise.' Then changed to 'Paschall1964', then to 'Peanut1964." Her gmail is Paschall 1964@gmail.com. She has a FB page, but I don't do FB. They arrived down here last July/August - she posting ahead looking for a cheap place for him to stay. Their names are Denise & Anthony Paschall. She is white & he is Afro-American. I have investigated both of them with the authorities in Florida. She claims to have been a classroom teacher (who specializes in teaching 'Shakespeare,' LOL), according to her FB page. If so, must have been voluntary, because there is no record of her on the Florida Classroom Teachers Association, nor the Retired Teachers Association. (My grandparents were teachers - I know where to look.). Likewise, since he claimed to be a parole officer, I checked with the Dade County & Ocala Police Departments, as well as the Florida Bureau of Pardons & Paroles. Never heard of him. He's 48. Awful young to retire. They said they had 30 years' credentials??? Really? Musta started at 18, then. I tried to warn about a year ago & was just shut down by the Admin/Mods. Nobody asked my side of the story at all. I don't participate much in this forum, but most DEF do not appreciate being stalked. Interact with them at your own risk. They got me one night (after I had shopped ONCE with her, so she had my phone number) after I'd taken my sleeping tablet, begging if they could spend ONE night because their car had exploded on the road from PV... Bullied & threatened me physically, etc. Never paid me anything like rent. Made a hella mess of everything. I had to have them removed by force almost 10 days later. I am a gentle person & had never encountered this "type" before. I was stupid. However, I stand behind every word I have ever said about this couple.
  12. The woman is renewed her stalking of me. Sent me a "gift" this morning. Geez... And they are NOT Mexicans - a 450 lb. white woman with 2-tone hair & her bearded Afro-American husband.
  13. The little amber ones are more dangerous than the bigger or same-size black ones...
  14. please stop sharing your dark demoralizing life. this is a public forum. you bring nothing positive to most of the members. the degenerate relationships you speak of are your own choices & decisions. you are a masocistic attention seeker & want to take everyone else down with you. most of us do not want to go there. the mods locked your thread, enough is enough. there is another board that specializes in this kind of creepy obsessive stuff.

  15. Sadly, I just saw the post this AM. The mare disappeared a month ago. Very sad.
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