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  1. Great information. Thank you. This is the kind of post that everyone can benefit from.
  2. Before trying any fast watercraft, I suggest kayaking. There are many hidden trees and fences under the water. It is very shallow in places. Kayaking would allow you to learn about where these objects are, and where it would be safe to jetski. The experience of kayaking is just amazing. Try it!
  3. It is high for here, but it sure is less than where I come from. I think what she is selling is her training as a stylist and colourist. I only need to go every 5 weeks or so, so 50 pesos does not make a lot of difference to me. I just want to see results. I will give her a try.
  4. I lived without a car for three months, after moving here. I had visited, many times, without a car. You do not need one. I used to drop about 5 - 10 pounds each visit here because I walked 5 -10 miles a day. After getting a little car, I gained thirty!! A car, if you live in walking distance to groceries and a farmacia, is not a necessity. You can rent a car, once a month or so, when you want to do a little more exploring. You can take one of the organized bus trips to Guadalajara if you want to go to the big stores and there are always taxi's for the evening. I bought my car because I wanted to drive and explore other parts of Mexico. I wish it would refuse to drive anywhere I could walk to.
  5. What was the brand name of the soft drink? Are there bottles around? Roca Azul Cola...... hmmmm. That sounds good!
  6. melina

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      Hello ValGal, I'm also from Penticton living in Naramata. Care to do coffee some time? Email me at chris2realnice@yahoo.com and we will make arrangements. I own a house in Chapala not far from Soriana.

  7. Getting ready for Ajijic!!

    1. streetcar


      Accidently sent a messge to the lady that was robbed instead of you. I am going to Penticton on Oct 13th. Can you tell me where to buy the loud noise maker?? Do you have mail or small item you need to have taken there? Let me know.

      Karen 765-4172

  8. Thanks for the detailed answer regarding enforcing money judgements (from a provincial civil case) in Mexico. I did not notice the answer until this morning. It does seem that, if the person has moved all their assets to Jalisco... unless the judgment is very large... it would not be worth the effort.

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