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  1. I require fingerprinting services of a professional level of competency. I'm making application for a foreign residency visa. Fingerprints once taken would then be sent to be digitized and then to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada for the criminal record check portion of the visa prerequisites. Is there such a service local to the Lake Chapala area? Please, if you abbreviate something write it full length so I know what it is. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you for this, I would not have known what to look for. Cheers
  3. Looking for the best way to send a Balikbayan box to the Philippines from here at Lake Chapala. Names of companies you have used or know of offering the service. The family there will appreciate your help thank you.
  4. Seems only things going on there are the shared silence times which I assume are meditaions? And then a presentation of sorts on Weds. after the shared silence time. I'm looking for guidance getting started.
  5. Thank you Lily, I will delve further.
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is a Buddhist Temple here at lakeside and if yes where it is located? Thank you everyone.
  7. So, where can a person buy ham gear down here? Is there a store in Guad for amateur radio ?
  8. I've been a permanent resident here going on 8 years now, and with all the covid nonsense going on and having to stay home most of the time.......well Ham Radio would be fun again. I have managed to glean rumors to the fact that Mexico is not issuing permissions in an official manor granting visiting Hams to operate within Meixico. I'm being told that using my call and and extension for Mexico on the end is all that need be done to be legal. Also, where can a person buy gear down here to set up a station with?
  9. Can anyone tell me if there is a Ham Radio club at lakeside? I'm a Canadian Ham wanting to set up station here in Mex and need info on getting a reciprocal license to operate legally here. Info?
  10. Are you able to tell me where the office is that I must go to in Chapala? I'll give this a whorl as I certainly don't want to go DF just for this. tnx
  11. Any idea of the costs involved for either? Can the Federal check be requested from here in Jalisco? tnx
  12. I am a Permanent Resident of Mexico. I am wanting to travel outside Mexico for an extended period of time and in order to get the visas to do so, I must provide a Federal criminal record check proving I have a clean record. How do I go about obtaining a criminal record check here in Mexico? Please advise, and thank you.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a source for earthworms. Red wigglers are fine too. I'd like to acquire a pound of two. thanks
  14. Thank you to all who replied. Doesn't seem like there is too much to be concerned about for the near future. Fingers X'd for a speedy draught of all the control legislation in a fair and thoughtful manor.
  15. Hello everyone, this is an interesting topic that I can't seem to get a straight answer on. Has marijuana been legalized in Mexico? What are the possession limits? Number of plants if growing? Can anyone answer this with any degree of certainty? I have several friends here with cancer who are looking for medicine. I'd like to help them but not at the risk of ending up in a Mexican jail. tnx
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