Why Ajijic, Mexico?


A mile above sea level, with clean, clear air/breezes from all directions each day. Temperatures in the 70s every day of the year, low humidity. National Geographic rates this village as having the #2 best climate in the world. Rains only in summer and mostly only at night. Never worry about getting wet!


Cost of Living with driving and eating out/entertainment (2-3 times/week) about $25k/yr. Some live here OK on SS at $15k/year. Rentals for $350-1100/month, normal range is 500-800 that includes electric, water and trash. Personal services are 1/4th cost of in US (maid, car driver, personal care – $2-4/hour) Auto mechanic a 3 min walk at 1/3-1/4 the USA cost. Haircut – $3.50, Car wash – $2. Need no heat or AC, you can walk to most anything, a drive of more than 10 miles seems totally unnecessary.


Village plaza/churches, boating on the lake, mountains, ancient artifacts (caves, pyramids, petro glyphs.) Thermal baths, rustic rural villages, 1000 acres of exported raspberries, Guadalajara the #2 most important city of Mexico with 500 years old has anything to be found in the USA/CA (theater, opera, a zoo, COSTCO, SAMS, etc.) 


Live music every night at some restaurants in our own village.


A 400-years old village with cobble stone streets, church bells ring every 15 minutes, mountains 1/4th mile to north, Mexico’s largest (50-mile-long) lake 1/3rd mile downhill to the south, 2nd floor, large windows on three sides that all look out on to colorful scenes with ever blooming flowers


A significant feeling of increased vigor once back here within even a week.

Fresh vegetables and fruits from the weekly street market at 1/3rd the US cost. Abundant lemons/limes growing in yard. Clinic just three minutes away. English-speaking doctor seven-minute walk ($15/visit) Full medical coverage by VA for me and now coverage for full family via TriCare, 66 hospitals in Guadalajara include some of the best in the world. A very welcome climate here for alternative medicine offerings.



  1. Three minutes: Four Corners convenience stores, auto mechanic, Chinese restaurant.
  2. Four minutes:  Clinic/hospital, 24-hour pharmacy, 4 restaurants, 2- ATM.
  3. Six minutes: Four more restaurants, fruit/vegetable shops, Mexican grocery store, gas station.
  4. Eight minutes: Village plaza (400 yrs old), lots of life, great restaurant, butcher, many sidewalk vendors.
  5. Ten minutes: LCS with nearly 4000 members, daily classes, lectures, video/audio library, an acre-size paradise with lush vegetation.


  1. Four minutes: Wal-Mart, FedEx, Two movie theaters.
  2. Six minutes: Restaurants with live music/dancing (7), other restaurants (5).
  3. Eight minutes: Church. Ten minutes: Thermal bath resort at San Juan Cosala.
  4. Eleven minutes: Chapala, the country capital with many stores, a large Lakeside boardwalk.
  5. Forty minutes: International airport (12 flights/day to USA, $90 to reach TX). $24 by taxi to airport.
  6. Four hours: Pacific Ocean beach towns (perhaps $40 by bus) ($100 to TX or $50 with senior pass)


Internet – quite similar to US ($18/month).  Skype phone-like conversation is free. Local phones – house phone ($15/mon), cell phone ($16 of minutes lasts a month or more) International phone – Magic Jack ($40/yr.)  Unlimited calls to and from USA/CA, can use the same phone either in USA or here.

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