Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico: A Vibrant Destination with a Rich Culture and Scenic Beauty

Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico is a small but vibrant town located on the shores of the largest lake in Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination due to its rich culture, scenic beauty, and welcoming people. This article will delve into the fascinating history and culture of Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico and highlight its must-see attractions, cuisine, …

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More About Lake Chapala

More About Lake Chapala Lake Chapala is the largest freshwater lake in Mexico. For more than 10,000 expats, mostly Canadians and Americans, Mexico’s largest lake has become a permanent home. This area is known as “Lakeside” for residents of the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Europe and “la ribera” for Mexicans. Discover its breathtaking …

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Moving to Mexico

There are a lot of people thinking about moving to Mexico.There seem to be several factors contributing to this exodus from North of the Border. Inflation? Dissatisfaction with the ongoing political bickering? A search for a simpler life?

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Lake Chapala Photos

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest lake, and the surrounding area is also home to the largest concentration of expats in the world. This area is known as “Lakeside” to residents from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Europe, among other places, and “la ribera” to Mexicans.  Due partly to the eclectic mixture, it has developed …

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Lake Chapala

20 Reasons Not to Retire to Lake Chapala

For a variety of reasons more and more Americans and Canadians are contemplating moving abroad for retirement. For many, Mexico ranks high on their list of places to explore. You may fit that category – here snowbirding and checking out the Lake Chapala area. However, there are many back in the states who would never think of taking even the first step.

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Ajijic Photos

Ajijic, is a magical town of creation, inspiration and connection with nature, where you can enjoy the magnificent climate most of the year. These are some of the photos of this magical place. *Photos with copyright reserved

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