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Today I watched a medium size dog racing after a car, It caught up with it at the light and jumped up on the driver's side. It was racing like crazy but the car got away. I was in tears. I cannot have more than two dogs where I live and I have 2 rescues. If I picked this dog up what would I do with it. ? It looked adoptable but I cannot take a chance that no one would take him/her.     Thanks


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Do you know where the dog is now? There is usually some way to find a home or a foster home if the need is great. It is worth taking the dog in for a short time to give it a chance.

There is a small chance that the dog was chasing his owner, then returned home to wait until the owner returned. Our neighbor's dog did that whenever she got out of the fence. Fool dog would chase him over a mile down a mountain road. Sometimes a neighbor would see her and give her a ride back home.

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