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  1. Just to Sayulita....I would never want to go to PV!
  2. Well, I made it, but all the caveats prepared me....Thanks to you guys! Took about six hours with the %^$*# construction!
  3. Last night's were just great...tonight's....meh....but since we don't get them at the beach where I live, my judgement is probably cloudy.
  4. Beautifully done mahi mahi strips, malt vinegar, fabulous non-greasy tartar sauce....I may go back tomorrow!
  5. Thank you both! Fortunately I turn off at Sayulita I'm sure the Jala Compostela "shortcut"is closed.....
  6. Can someone please give me directions from Chapala for the entrance to the macrolibramiento heading west to PV. I am directionally challenged, so need the simplest way possible. Thanks.
  7. Just the idea of cracking an embryo puts me of eggs for a very long time.....
  8. SO very happy for you and Miss Virginia, Rony!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh, Maggie, let's find out where to actually GO to dump some post-menopausal angst on these mother****ers!!!!!!
  10. Thanks. I have had the pleasure of being in Capula several times for their feria. Extraordinary! There is a store in Tonala called Mis Amores with a good selection too. I might get in a mood to go there if a couple of riders wanted to join in..... Love the "special box" too....a gift you get twice!
  11. A friend from the distant past is coming for a visit next month. She's never been to Mexico. I would like to give her a really nice Catarina as a gift. Where to look for one? Hopefully near the Lake, not Tonala or Guad. TIA.
  12. My dog does not have fleas or ticks. He wears a Seresta collar year round to prevent them. He does not go to restaurants and he will always be under my table, and you won't.
  13. Suit yourself, Mudgirl....I always do! And if myself wants to eat at a restaurant in Mexico, outside, in the summer, I go prepared. Or I stay home and eat on my terrace,where the table is always clean (and has a dog underneath!)
  14. Well, I was looking forward to info on St.Remy, but glad you enjoyed La Terraza!
  15. Perfect remedy for flies at table: Peel a dozen tangerines (or oranges at this time of year) Save the fruit for a salad. Soak the peels in white vinegar for two weeks. Put the liquid in a spray bottle and spray the table surface. You will NOT be bothered by flies for hours. When you see even one, re-spray and you're good for the rest of the night. So easy, so cheap! An afterthought: wonder if it would work as a body spray ? If you have O + blood, like me, you will try ANYTHING! We are the caviar of the mosquito world!!!
  16. Thanks, Go Solar, that's the info I need. I got the original from a mid-size key shop in Bucerias, Nayarit, NOT a dealer or big shop at all. I use it to keep my car locked but with ac running for my little dog. And a club in action, too. Much more necessary in the heat of the beach! Somehow in the last week the ac key vanished. Hard to figure, since I have to have it to get in the car coming from a store or restaurant. Took the car to Lake carwash figuring they would find the key in some crevice or sneaky place, but no. Leave the dog at home? It's not my home, I am dogsitting four dogs who have some habits I'd prefer my dog not pick up. I'll see which key guy my mechanic here recommends and head there tomorrow! Thanks so much, both for your advice and for not judging my admittedly crude solution to my problem! Don't have an Amazon account but with your info I should be able to muddle through this!!!
  17. NOT an ignition key! A key that will open a locked door but NOT start the car....any info appreciated!
  18. How about getting a TMobile android phone to ring here? Used to work great....
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