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ASA Open Studios Feb. 25 & 26 throughout Ajijic

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Featuring one of the artists at Open Studio this year.

Janice and Francisco Urzua own Aztec Studios where they specialize in original weavings designed by artist Janice and hand woven on an antique traditional wooden loom by Francisco. They are truly works of contemporary as well as traditional Mexican art. Here is Janice’s website http://www.janicekimball.com/

Janice and Francisco are located off the carretera in West Ajijic at 232 Carretera Poiniente. They are on the lake side of the highway near Yves Restaurant, facing Rancho del Oro. This is a photo of the front of their studio. Stop by and see the ancient loom and some examples of their art.

Janice and Francisco will participate in The ASA Open Studios on Feb. 25 and 26 but will be located at a friend’s home in Ajijic at Juarez 15, one block west of the Ajijic Plaza along with photographer Karyn Carpenter and silversmith Johanna Ragnhilder. ( # 14 on the Open Studios map) Tickets are 50 pesos for the whole event including shuttle buses and are available at LCS and at Diane Pearl's . For those of you not familiar with Open Studios, you can read more here and how to purchase a pass for 50 pesos with a map to all locations. https://www.facebook.com/ajijicsocietyofthearts/

Janice Kimbal.JPG

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Thanks to everyone who supported ASA Open Studios event .  The weather we ordered came through nicely and we sold many tickets.  We'll be able to make another substantial contribution to the the Children's Art Program at Lake Chapala Society. See  you all next year!

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