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That is terrible. I'm sorry things are so slow. Check with your neighbors to see if it's just you are the whole neighborhood. I presume you have the slowest package. the one that goes for $389 pesos per month where your download speed should be up to 3 megs down'

I live very close to Telmex about 1 KM and for $599 per month get what's promised.


and that's using WiFi

Why am I so lucky? Well, I live close to the internet card (DSLAM) and the wiring in my home is fairly new (2008)

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Yes, DSL

As a renter, I get what the landlord pays for. It is much better than what I walked into in January but I came from fiber optic AT&T in the USA, so it took some getting used to. Fortunately nothing I do is so important or time sensitive. Chalk it up to Mexico, and go out and enjoy the good parts. Y'know what I'm saying?

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Telmex sells three different internet speed plans (in packages that also include telephone minutes): one plan with up to 3 Mbps (megabytes per second) for 389 pesos per month, another with up to 5 Mbps for 599, and the best one with up to 10 Mbps for 999.

No matter which plan you choose, however, you may unknowingly be assigned to a slow node (server) that is incapable of delivering speeds higher than 2 Mbps. If you are on that node, you might as well downgrade your service to the first plan – the one delivering up to 3 Mbps.

How can you tell how fast your internet connect is? Go to www.speedtest.net, and take the test there at different times of the day, and mark down (or print) the download, upload, and ping speeds. If your download speed is consistently under 2.00 Mbps, you are probably on a slow node, and you’re wasting your money if you’re paying for the middle plan or the most expensive plan.

You can change options by visiting the Telmex office across from the Bugambilias Plaza on the Carretera, or you can call TelMex’s technical support at 01-800-123-2222 (ask for an English speaker).

How can Telmex get away with selling a plan for 999 pesos a month, knowing that it can probably only deliver less than 2 Mbps rather than the 10 Mbps it advertises? The magic words are “up to.” Is a speed of 1.75 Mbps “up to” 10 Mbps? Yes. Is it misleading? Definitely.

Telmex says they are planning to upgrade their slow nodes. But they decline to specify a time period. If you find that your videos or streaming TV channels are tracking too slowly, or if they get “stuck,” you may want to consider an additional internet service in the mean time. Telecable has a 5 Mbps internet-only plan for 200.50 pesos per month. It is not available in all lakeside areas, and it's sometimes not in service for hours or even days when there are line upgrades or construction. But when it’s working, the speeds are as promised, or better. And when it’s not working, you can switch to your Telmex connection in the interim.

The TeleCable office is located on the Carretera in Riberas del Pilar just west of cross-street San Jorge. The primary salesman, Joel, who speaks some English, knows which areas already have cable installed, and when the other areas are being scheduled for installation. His cell phone number is 331-605-58745.

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