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  1. I come from an area that never gets too hot. And I am always amazed how people from the warmer and/or hotter areas of the US and Canada can stand the hot weather. lI guess you could call me a hate sissy :). At the moment I am making my reservations to come back lakeside, an area I proudly call home about 9 months of the year. I'll be back in early July, once lakeside (in my eyes) becomes paradise, weatherwise again
  2. Gosh, according to the Ajijic weather station, it was 92.6 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday afternoon. I'm sure glad I'm up north in Seattle, hiding from that terrible heat. l sure hope the rain comes soon so that I can come back in early July as scheduled. I wish you folks the best down there.
  3. Sorry. My spelling sucks It was good quality leftover wood from a nearby project.
  4. I had a carpenter build mine for the bottom end of my bed (near) my feet so that my small dog could get up on the bed. It's a rescue dog that sure looks like a dachshund. I don't remember what it cost to build, but it was quite economical and it aint for sale He built it out of crap wood.
  5. Thanks for the correction. I should think before I post. Yes Parker helped me choose my property insurance company and I make my payments through them to the insurance company every January. Sitting here in Seattle, hiding from the heat I can't remember the name of the property insurance company I use.
  6. Tom posted that they used Parker Insurance, a good company by the way
  7. I am very sorry for your loss. i wish you and yours the best during these difficult times.
  8. Well that means we need a definition of what the beginning of the rainy season consists of, like we get every year. I always forget what we all define as the beginning of the rainy season. you know, how many days with and without rain to define the date And Maincoons, you're the man who knows the definition by heart. .
  9. When it comes to Telmex, I think it all depends on the quality of the copper line and connections between your home and the Telmex office. I am up at the top of the hill and a few blocks to the West of Telmex in Ajijic. And I have excellent service, with speeds varying from around 25 MB/Sec during the day when everyone else is on line and up to 45 MB/Sec during quiet periods. I am very satisfied with their service.
  10. I'm glad to hear the good news. I am sure many of us remember the old days when things did not run as smoothly. Oh, my copper Telmex landline has always been good in comparison to my neighbors. These days when very few folks are online, late at night, I can get up to 45 MB/second on my landline. However, during the busy day, my speeds are closer to 25 to 35 MB/second.
  11. Any time I log in somewhere else, and then log out of say Facebook, I've got to re log in here. It's always been that way for me, once I log out of here. That' normal.
  12. Boy did that spam slow things down. There is almost no action here or on the other forum. Oh well, everything with get back to normal in a day or three. I have been following the weather page for Ajijic and Chapala for the last few days. And boy is it hot down there. Well the rainy season will be there soon and I can return from Seattle to Ajijic in a month or two. Keep cool and stay out of the sun
  13. Thanks for the info. I thought the only reason the gechos were in my house was because the cats brought them in. I didn't think about what they eat.
  14. I just got on line and haven't seen anything yet.
  15. Cleaned out 8. I hope no more show up, wishful thinking.
  16. I'm watching the TV program on HGTV up here in Seattle at 8:30 Ajijic time via the satellite system provided to the tenants in the 33 story condo I live in when up north. It is on channel 229 on DirecTV. It makes me homesick. Now if I could only finish my 2022 taxes and turn the paperwork over to my CPA. I already have an extension, so I am not trouble for being late.
  17. Just got one this afternoon while visiting the Doc in Seattle.
  18. ibarra. Years ago I used to get teased about the picture that i was then using and am still using. They said I should have used a more up to date picture than I was using. So rather than change the picture, I added 20 or 30 years to my age. I'm only 38 or is that 83. I can't remember What I do remember is that the picture I used was really me, at one time, maybe when I first arrived lakeside in the 90s. And of course I was much younger when that picture was taken, than today.
  19. I will be applying in Seattle in two weeks, and wanted to get photos down here, I'm hoping they will be accepted up north.
  20. Thanks, ibarra. I must be getting old. I thought today was the first time I asked that question, but whatever the case, I have the answer I needed. Again Thanks
  21. Another ten years is about up, and I need new photos for my US passport renewal. In the past, we went to a studio just East of Manix on the lakeside of the road (Ocampo) in Ajijic Any new suggestions or does the place near Manix still have a good reputation? Thanks in advance for your advice. i
  22. Telmex does not charge for a call to a local number anywhere in the US. However, should you only know the toll free for Americans 800 number when in Mexico, Telmex charges for the US long distance call via a US toll free 800 number. Remember other toll-free prefixes include 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888, are treated the same.
  23. And people wondered why I stopped using ATMs and have a bank account instead where I ask for and am given change, every time I need funds.
  24. Sorry. All I know is that when the CFE power goes out, I have a backup system that gets its power from my batteries and if the sun is out I assume also my solar panels. And you are correct extra power can not be sent into the dead CFE wiring in front of my house. Doing so could be very dangerous
  25. I live in upper Ajijic where we seem to have fewer electrical outages than in Ajijic central. When it does go out, my solar backup system is a Godsend. All I can say, is go solar. Get yourself a solar panel system and if it makes sense, a power backup system, with solar the primary source when the sun is out but perhaps a battery backup electrical source, if that is practical for outages when there is little or no sun available.
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