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  1. Thank goodness we are having a little rain tonight. At least there will be less need for watering the yard.
  2. I go to the states three times per year for short visits (6 to 8 weeks per visit) I have a standard Telcel 200 peso per month plan, that I only thought worked in Mexico. That is not quite true. As long as when I am up north and I'm only receiving calls from Mexico, I am not charged anything extra, nor is the person in Mexico making my local call from Mexico to my local Mexican number. So far, I have not phoned Mexico from the USA using my Mexican Telcel phone because I would be charged more than I wish to pay per call. Rather I send an email to my lakeside friend asking them to call me from lakeside to phone my lakeside phone. And there is no extra charge
  3. I still go three times per week, trouble is the table I find most interesting is the smoking table. I don't smoke, and smoke from others doesn't bother me, so I'm able to sit there. The breakfasts are not bad and of course one gets free coffee refills included in the price of the coffee.
  4. I only go there for breakfast and enjoy socializing with my friends while drinking cup after cup of coffee while having a nice breakfast. I am very happy with my breakfast options but know nothing about the lunch and dinner menus.
  5. I wish we still had Salvador's. But I still go what it's called now, Scallion's. I do not like it as well as Salvador's, but it is slowly improving and soon it should meet the standards that many required when going to good old Salvador's
  6. I love my crunchy peanut butter. And I thought it was hard to find until I started this topic. I thank you all for your comments be they negative or positive.
  7. As most of us know, Panchos has just opened a second store several Km west of Ajijic, on the lake side of the Carretera. If you haven't been there before, you will be in for a surprise. It's very well organized and has many more products than the other local stores, to include Super Lake and El Toritos. For example, have you ever tried to find not creamy but CRUNCHY peanut butter? I have usually been able to find it, but it has been a real hassle to find. And Panchos probably has some at its old store. but in the new store he was selling two different brands of Crunchy peanut butter. His products may not always be the cheapest. But he has a variety of almost everything and will often be able to order a product for you, if he doesn't have what you need. Give the place a try, I think you will be impressed
  8. Pedro kept on saying that he didn't have that many days left, and I didn't believe him. I am so sorry he was correct. We shall miss you. May you rest in Peace Pedro, SNORK Snork, snork.
  9. Thanks. And I thought I was a techie 😄 .
  10. What is an ISB Sola Basic?
  11. I left Guadalajara for Seattle 32 days ago and had to have the FMM. I'm returning tonight with the form in case I have to turn it in. I returned to Guad last night and did not have to turn in the FMM form.
  12. I left Guadalajara for Seattle 32 days ago and had to have the FMM. I'm returning tonight with the form in case I have to turn it in.
  13. I'm in Seattle I'm in Seattle for another day and I thought it was nice that Telmex sent me a message this morning over my cell phone letting me know that my Telmex line was down it was as of 10:46 AM this morning and that they were working to resolve the problem. Me, I make most of my calls on my cell phone and use Telmex as my primary internet service provider.' And to make free phone calls to US and Canadian landlines. Yet should I want to phone a US or Canadian 800 # I am charged long distance. Figure that one out. 😊 Living quite close to Telmex with relatively new telephone lines when in Ajijic, I usually have very reliable service and for $499 pesos per month also get about 50 Megabits/sec down by about 10 up besides the phone service I mentioned above. I sure am lucky. I know folks who live a few blocks further than I from Telmex and have many more outages than I
  14. I have a mildly curved Spine rather than a straight one and have gone to Doctors Gonzalas and his son also a doctor at the San Antonio Hospital and have had great help. In my case, I only needed to do special exercises. However, I have never had the treatment you suggested. I wish you the best finding what is your best solution. A bad back is no fun, as you well know.
  15. Great post, Pedro. You are looking great. Keep on posting those fun posts. I knew you had it in you.
  16. I had Covid and was sick for only five days, because I had gotten all of my Covid shots and boosters and was allowed to come into the Doctor's office a week after my covid fever broke to get my flu shot up here in Seattle.
  17. A friendly suggestion, Pedro. A lot of us older folks living Lakeside have been told that we do not have that much time left. But we refuse to accept the truth and live on thinking we will live forever and enjoying the last few months or years of our lives. You might try that, Pedro. At least you will be happy during your final days, months, or years Gosh you've got the Millet Oilers you can cheer on. GO OILERS 💥 🤑 💥
  18. But look at the picture you posted. Pedro. I would hope that you have many pictures that show you in a positive manner. Perhaps you might share one of those instead of creepy ones. . . 😍
  19. Pedro: just start going to the gym and working out. You might try shaving and getting a haircut as well. It will make you look a lot better. I wish you the best.
  20. But Pedro, you have only been lakeside 16 years. Me, since only 1997. I guess that makes us newbies. I was complimenting you Pedro and asked you to keep on posting those funny pictures. So please take my post as a compliment. And please keep on posting funny pictures, especially if you are in them . And please post some funny smiles in the middle of the page, instead of at the beginning. . 😃 😃 .
  21. some of those pictures are very old Pedro But keep on posting funny pictures . , ,
  22. And up here in Seattle, I just picked up my Atorvastatin Rx. At least that is how it is spelled up here. I was prescribed 20mg pills not 80mg. I didn't know there was an atorvastatin tablet available that was so large. I thought it was either 20 or 40mg
  23. Thanks, Go Solar. Now that you explained it, I now remember. I guess I'm getting a little old and forgetful minded. . . .
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