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  1. I don't think this town hall is needed if you only got 5 people responding. The municipal transitos cannot really do anything until after the city council approves the traffic laws, scheduled for December 6th, allowing the municipal transitos to actually issue traffic tickets. Right now, they can't. If there are any complaints about transitios, they have to be directed to the State of Jalisco transitos, who haven't been invited to the meeting, and don't need to since they're only going to be in control for another few weeks. In other words, this is a meeting without a reason. What's the point here?
  2. What about the option of selling a foreign-plated car to a trusted Mexican, have him/her nationalize it, and then sell it back to you? Is it easier for Mexican citizens to nationalize foreign-plated cars? If so, that could be done locally.
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