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  1. Perfect, that's exactly the info I needed. Lemon icebox cheesecake coming up!
  2. I don't make many desserts so not sure what the Mexican version of sweetened condensed milk is? There seems to be a lot of options/varieties of canned milk... And I'm finding that lots of recipes don't specify how MUCH c-milk but just say "a can." That's stupid - aren't there different sizes? I'm sure it would vary from country to country, so what size can are they talking about? Would appreciate some clarification so I don't mess up my project... Thanks.
  3. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I'm interested in what's currently available. I don't want to have to go too far for it either, because my car's been having problems. My current brand of litter seems to have changed their formula and it no longer holds together so you can remove to freshen the box. I'm hoping to find a replacement that doesn't cost a fortune, isn't perfumed and performs better in terms of clumping factor. What is everyone using?
  4. Is there anyone local who is knowledgeable in tracking and fixing an electrical short in your vehicle? I've had 2 recent problems and my normal garage hasn't been able to solve either one, though I've paid them repeatedly in hopes of fixing things. The first has to do with my automatic door locks, so less critical, but the most recent has the car refusing to start after running perfectly for days or weeks, then working fine again but stranding me somewhere inconvenient (especially being "high-risk" for Covid) as soon as I relax and venture beyond walking distance from home, I've already paid to replace a major part, only to encounter the exact same problem with the replacement (non-factory) part, leading me to believe that the problem is, in fact, an electrical short somewhere along the line. Now the garage wants me to wait a month for delivery on a factory replacement for the replacement, when I'm not convinced there was anything wrong with the original! I'm at my wits' end and can't last much longer without a vehicle.. The last time, the garage guys insisted there was no problem, even though I tried many times to restart it and ended up having to leave it on the street. I think they're hoping now that I'll just stop calling and disappear, but I need this fixed! Any suggestions welcome, but need someone with English - I don't speak "car" in English, so no way I can explain all this in Spanish... Who would you call with a similar problem?
  5. OP again: I've been "making my own" for the 20+ years I've been in Mexico and I'm #!&*@% SICK of it! (Shriek!) Ok, needed to be said. That whine's been building over a lot of those years. But having voiced my frustration, I did copy the Todd Wilbur recipe (thanks, Ferret), though I have my doubts, since he says cloning "a best selling fat-free 1000 Island" and that's a far cry from the original. I have to question whether the mayonnaise is the only difference but it's not hard, so definitely worth experimenting. And many thanks to the one person who actually suggested a brand to check out, which was my original question. I keep seeing that Ken's Steakhouse 1000 too, and wondering, but it's just too expensive to buy on spec. And BTW, Fat is no longer "the F-word" if you follow a low carb lifestyle; it certainly adds, in terms of flavour. ** How funny - the post with Ken's showed up as I was writing this. Thank you!
  6. Thank you, everyone. SuperLake is close by so will check.
  7. I don't know about the U.S. experience, but maybe other Canadians remember Kraft 1000 Island dressing back when it was the best? I used to buy it in bulk from Costco, and it was amazingly creamy and rich; no bite to it, no tangy aftertaste, but smooth, thick, restaurant-style indulgence (as opposed to the vinegary stuff you'd get in the smaller bottles sold for family consumption). It's been years since I've tasted anything but the vinegary version, but I'd love to find something here that replicates that creamy, luscious taste - I even used to use it on pizza! Can anyone recommend a brand here that might come close? You know how these things sometimes come to mind and then they haunt you?
  8. Do pharmacies carry this here? I want a good quality oil, and I suspect a lot of independent vendors are just catering to the "fad" for essential oils and selling inferior products. And of course, every one of them will tell you theirs is "best quality"... Any suggestions on where to find much appreciated.
  9. Do pharmacies carry this here? I want a good quality oil, and I suspect a lot of independent vendors are just catering to the "fad" for essential oils and selling inferior products. And of course, every one of them will tell you theirs is "best quality"... Any suggestions on where to find much appreciated.
  10. Thank you Ferret; I'll file the name and number for future reference, but I already talked to them and they don't have the item I need. I was told the new place might...
  11. Thanks, everyone. Very helpful. I still miss old-school phone directories...
  12. Does anyone have a number or know how to find a contact number for the new medical supply place beside San Antonio Hospital? Also, is there a medical supply outlet at Lakeside that delivers? If so, I'd love to have their number too. When you're sick it's not exactly easy to get out and track down the things you need...
  13. Can't get out to pick up my meds; does anyone deliver to your house? Today would be wonderful, but I know it's Sunday...
  14. Why can't I see this post in with the other ones from today?
  15. Is anyone else using Paypal to transfer funds to Mexico? They changed the service last year so you can no longer hold a balance in your account or shop online, and they're supposed to transfer anything received to your bank within 24 hours. I've been waiting over 2 weeks now for the most recent transfer, and it's making me very uneasy. All they're telling me is that they're aware of the problem and working to fix it "immediately." Two weeks is hardly immediately, and this is not reassuring. I hope this isn't going to be another disaster like Interjet. I'm going to lose serious money on that one and can't afford another loss... Paypal's a big, international company so surely there are safeguards in place that would operate in Mexico too, right? On a final note, does anyone use a different service that's reliable and not too expensive, in case I have to switch? These are generally small transfers so a wire transfer is not cost-effective. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  16. Karina G

    Ham steaks

    Is there anyone local who could supply 3 or 4 nice ham steaks? I used to buy wonderful ones from Costco but they discontinued quite some time back and I haven't found a new source.
  17. I keep getting little whiffs of gas in through the window over my tank, but it comes and goes. Still, nothing to mess with - who can I call to check on/fix this? Are there certified gasfitters here?
  18. Agree - can't have too much butter/sauce. For me, that's what makes a dish special, and I'd probably eat an old boot if the sauce was good...
  19. I believe the vivero that brought plants to the Wednesday tianguis was the one in San Juan Cosala on the lake side of the Carretera, about half way thru town. You could visit in person and check.
  20. You don't have to grate it; I have bags of piloncillo granulado, tho I can't remember where I bought it. Assume it would have been one of the my usual places - Torito's, SuperLake, Pancho's, Walmart, Soriana...
  21. What happens if you use granular Piloncillo instead of brown sugar for a dessert? I can't drop everything and run to the store...
  22. Anyone know if I can add vinegar to the water and cycle it thru a few times to get rid of the dirt & crud that builds up from our tap water? The instructions say not to use anything BUT water, though I know the technique works for other appliances, like a coffee pot. My cooler is hard to clean because the bottom tray doesn't appear to be removable - tubes & misc. attached...
  23. NOT the time to be running all over town looking for something. Can anyone narrow down my search for polyurethane water-based varnish (Varethane?), in spray form if there is such a thing? Otherwise I can work with a paint can & brush, if that's what it takes; just need the product first. Using to seal air-dry clay and that seems to be what's generally recommended.
  24. They also eat spicy corn nuts. Heard a noise on the terrace outside my bedroom one night and took the flashlight to check - full grown opossum on its hind legs, bright red eyes glaring in the light, and hissing with bared fangs! In retrospect, I'm sure it seemed bigger than it was, but disconcerting, to say the least, so I didn't argue about the bag of corn nuts I'd left out by accident, and discreetly retreated.
  25. Millions wouldn't, but I remember the cow. I also remember the store, now that you mention - thank you.
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