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  1. this argument is like picking the fly shit out of the pepper..
  2. They all sound good until collision repair time happens..and then the Dance begins!!
  3. They do not know for sure when they will have the 2020 stickers..They said to check back in 2 weeks, I will try in about a month..I did receive the new registration, nothing in the goverment changes in 2 weeks..I will wait until I am assured via this board that the window stickers are available..YMMV
  4. I gave them last years receipt this morning, he told me how much, I paid him and he immediately printed out my 2020 receipt and as he handed it to me he Stated come back and pick up my Decal for the windshield as they did not have them yet..I walked out with my new paper receipt...No line..but I can only imagine what it will be when I return...LOL
  5. It is just past Soriana and always has a bunch around the 2 garages//
  6. Flying from GDL to MEX via Aero Mex and then Delta from MEX to ATL..Check out at GDL with RP or is it mandatory to check out in MEX, if so where is immigration at the MEX airport??TIA
  7. Carry enough Peso's in various denominations and 20+ peso's in change (coins) so that you count out the billed amount and then hit the road..Geez
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