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  1. I didn’t think you would be able offer any evidence to support your point of view.. Not sure if you are fluent in English but if you are able to read the OP the poster did specifically mention carnival time..
  2. So what your saying is concerts at Carnival time in Ajijic isn’t Mexican culture.. Can you give us the source of your information, or show us some evidence of all the Mexicans that are opposed to the concerts at carnival time... Do you have any ? or you just stating your own opinion. ? There is lots of evidence on this board from expats who don’t like to be disturbed, I haven’t seen evidence of Mexicans being disturbed by the noise, other than posts by expats stating they heard from their gardener who heard it from someone who knows a maid who doesn’t like the music... Maybe if you went to a concert in the plaza at carnival time you might notice that about 99.9% of the people there are Mexican.
  3. Here we go again, another newbie wants to change the culture here. You know it’s only 475 peso for a taxi to the airport..
  4. OXO On the corner of Galeana. ?
  5. Any recommendations as to where to get documents printed from my phone. ?
  6. Thank you gogirl exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.
  7. Thank you... those were the kind of answers I was looking for..
  8. How can there be restrictions in some and not others... Are there any restrictions mandated by the government of Jalisco.about pools in condo complexes ?
  9. That’s what I’m asking “Are there any restrictions due to Covid19 about swimming in the pools for the residents of condo complexes...
  10. Under the current restrictions in Jalisco can the pools in common areas of condo complexes be open for swimming.. ? Does anyone know of pools in condo complexes that are open for swimming...
  11. TeCel cell phone service doesn’t appear to be working anywhere.. The office in the Laguna mall said it could be down for 24hrs.
  12. I think this is the Mexican culture, They always want to help you but it’s at the expense of the customers who are waiting.. So many of the expats take advantage of the service that Ana gives... And don’t even leave a tip....
  13. I have used Anna for almost 15yrs now and I agree she can be frustrating at times, the times I have heard talking on her cell phone she was trying to help a customer. So many of her gringo customers don’t have a clue about using a cell phone, as an example a poster claims that the 200 peso package doesn’t work in Canada, it works for me, but then I took the time to find out how it works and which network Telcel uses in Canada . So many of her customers want her to scratch the card and reload their phones, why can’t they do it themselves or use Mitelcel.. it would free up so much of Anna’s time...
  14. Yes it definitely smells... 11 implants.. that would be virtually a full mouth restoration..upper and lower.. something Dr Candy would be incapable of doing.. Dr Candy is a dentist you go to for a cleaning. anything more than than you stay well clear of her ...
  15. That must be a first on this board...A recommendation for Dr Candy.. Dr Candy using implants made in Switzerland,, MMMMMM ???.. The poster on her wall is advertising the ones made in Korea ... where she did here her training..
  16. That was from Scotiabank customer service. A week ago today I was charged $5 fee for using the ATM. I called customer service and that was their explanation for the fee which they reversed and told me if it happens again just call and we will reverse the charge.
  17. There are no charges for using a Scotiabank card in the machine. The Mexicans are upset about the Canadian government stopping flights between Mexico and Canada so they are changing the $5 fee..if you call your bank they will refund you the fee.
  18. So you are charging local businesses a fee to have their products or services listed on your site..or to be referred by you...
  19. Which Firestick do the experts recommend. ?
  20. Buy one from Amazon and program it yourself..lots of videos on YouTube of how to do it... And it’s a lot cheaper than buying one programmed.
  21. Are there any issues driving across the border in to Mexico, specifically crossing from Texas..?
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