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  1. Fred, do you know if the one in Joco will accept folks from Chapala?
  2. When I wanted to enroll about a year ago in Chapala, they said I am too old! Is that "kosher?"
  3. Some years ago, a friend of mine here had a stroke that affected his speech and language. Since there were no English speaking S&L therapistsat that time, , he ended up having to go back to the US. He had excellent health insurance here but they were unable to provide an English speaking therapist. I know there is or was a S&L therapist here who works (or worked) in one of the private schools. I don't know if she is connected now to an insurance company, but I doubt it. With S&L issues, it is best to start the therapy very quickly. Dr. Justina has a PHYSICAL therapy facility, but not Speech and language.. Good luck, I hope your mom gets the help she needs quickly.
  4. https://paginas.seccionamarilla.com.mx/dr-alfonso-maytorena-leyva/medicina-del-dolor/jalisco/guadalajara/-/americana/# i hope this helps. Helping people with pain is his main goal in life.
  5. dr. Maytorena is in Gdl but also comes to lakeside. I do not know which days.
  6. Dr. Maytorena 013 825 3063 013 826 3299 Cellphone 333 370 1217
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