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  1. She advertises on Beg, Barter Buy abd Sell.
  2. I have always gotten them in the place Camille mentioned. It is 2/3 of the way day the street on the mountain side between Colon and Juarez. It is just past the glass and mirror place going west and across from the supermarket that used to be Surtidor before it moved.
  3. I would love it but don't you want it?

  4. Thanks Camille,

    I had not tried it yet so I appreciate the heads up. I had suspected they might not.


  5. I have a very good maid who lives near you. She or her sister may have time. She will be here in the morning. Call me 766-1703. Ann

  6. My phone number is 766-1703. Call me and I will give you the skinny and will then send you a very complete site.Ann

  7. Dan,

    I told J,ohn I would monitor this this area one month ago. I even reported something two weeks ago.

    I just sent a note to John as the walls closest to the lake on Francisco were tagged with a silver metallic paint around 8:00 this morning.

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