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  1. I have explained that I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia a few months ago. I already know they can't remove polyps with a virtual. Some folks offer some good info here, but I don't need preaching about getting a regular colonoscopy. And yes, the prep and procedure are much easier with the virtual.
  2. LOL. Life is a roll of the dice. I had some bad reaction to the anesthesia a few months back on a minor procedure so I'll take my chances. Most of the research shows it's as effective as regular colonoscopy.
  3. Then you go for an invasive procedure.
  4. Anyone had one here at lakeside or Guad? They are claimed to be as reliable as a regular procedure, but without having anesthesia. Guess this is a good topic for humor, but in the end, pun intended I would like an answer. Thanks.
  5. Least amount of rain in my nine years here by far. I remember when we first came down folks talking about how low the lake was several years before. Said one could walk out hundreds of yards. It is what it is.
  6. Thanks Daisy. I went by today and they had some new sod that is in great condition.
  7. Went by there today and all they had was brown and looked bad.
  8. I just need fifteen meters or so. All the two garden centers I visited in Ajijic had was brown and about dead. They were the one behind ISHOP and the one behind the Ajijic Clinic. Thanks.
  9. Looking like some scattered rain starting first week of July and then becoming fairly regular after another week or so. Oh jala
  10. I assume you know there is only one restaurant on the pier. Anyway, we went last evening after being hot all day everywhere. had a table on the rail over the lake with a wonderful breeze. The food was excellent and so was the service. Wife had spaghetti and I had spinach lasangna.
  11. I never said it had anything to do with the rainy season. I just related what the good Dr. said.
  12. It started thundering and lightning last night about 9:00 rained all nigh and still raining. Just saying. And yeah, nine years is less than some and more than others. OK?
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