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  1. I've found between Google, Amazon, E-bay and YouTube, you can find parts and instructions on how to repair almost anything. If you can find the parts and get them shipped in, you can always find someone here to do the work.
  2. Just watching TV at 3am. There is snow in some parts of the US. Isn't it great that we can bitch about the SNOWBIRDS instead of the SNOW....... I'll put up with snowbirds in exchange for the weather any day
  3. I lived on Hildago, just a couple of houses from 6 corners. parking was always at a premium. There was a family that owned a bodega across the street and we had a deal. They parked their truck in front of my garage. If I wanted out I just walked across the street and they would back the truck out, I'd get out and tell them roughly how long I'd be gone. When I came back, I'd beep the horn and he'd move the truck, I'd get in the garage and he'd park in front of the doors again. It worked great. He had a guaranteed parking spot and I knew who was parked there. The kids played soccer in the street and they'd kick the ball over the wall. I'd let them in to get the ball and if it was in one of the trees, go get a pole to get it out. They were always polite and always said thanks. In a year, I never had any problems at all. About 6 months after I left, the people that rented it next saw me and were bitching and moaning about the neighborhood. He had called the cops several times about people parking in front of the garage and he said he had a big collection of soccer balls. They had been robbed twice and were very unhappy. I never had any of those problems. The kids stood guard while I was gone. They knew that I was a good guy that always got their ball back. Being a good neighbor works almost everywhere in the world, including Mexico.
  4. I do auditing of apartment rates in the US over the net. Most apartments (2 br) charge $45-65 a month for water, sewer, trash. Electrical will average $100-200 a month depending on climate and type of stove. I hear these prices and just cringe. My average electrical bill per YEAR is around $200US. Electricity may be "expensive" in MX, but you use a lot less because of the climate
  5. I went to dinner the other night and noticed that the prices were up about 10%. When the bill came, I noticed that I got the old price. When I asked the owner, he winked and said "Snowbird prices". And, no, I'm not going to tell you where this happened.......
  6. They do help support the economy, although not as much as in the past. More than anything else, they bring new topics of conversation. I dearly love listening to them bitch about things NOB
  7. As long as they bring lots of money to support the local economy, I'll just wear earplugs and smile. Snowbirds are like boats. Two good days. They day they arrive and the day they leave.
  8. I left Salvadors this morning headed home. I have to turn left onto the Carreterra. Since the cross road is wide there, I pull up into the center and put on my blinker. That way, there is enough room for someone turning right to get by me on the right and a full lane on the left for people turning in. Traffic is heavy and a guy is on my right trying to turn right. There is still a full lane to my left. Suddenly, I look up and a woman in a land yacht is turning left off the Carreterra headed directly at both of us. Where she thought she was going was beyond me, there was plenty of room to my left. Now, she has a mini gridlock going on, blocking everyone in all directions I backed up and let her in. When she passed, I checked the tag. Yep, a Snowbird. I do hope she brought plenty of money to spend and improve the economy.........
  9. I did a survey on motorcycles and found that 7 out of 8 do not wear helmets unless it is raining. I watched a guy and gal where the gal was on the back, carrying a helmet.
  10. Peachtree City, Ga was set up for golf carts. You weren't supposed to drive on the regular roads but you could go anywhere on golf cart trails. Only place I ever saw
  11. They use dynamic within a certain range. It shouldn't be noticeable to your computer system
  12. Pete, you are basically right, but....... It will change if you disconnect or if TelMex drops out. My lightning station and router never cut off but the IP has been changing recently so TelMex must be dropping out
  13. Ally Bank refunds all fees from any ATM and doesn't care where you withdraw. I do have a US address that I use.
  14. Look for a job on the internet. I've been here 9 years and always had a job of some kind on the internet. Anything that you can do sitting at a desk with a computer can be done anywhere in the world now.
  15. I don't need hearing aids but I often pretend that I do. I've found when you hit 70, it is a great excuse I don't see things I don't want to see I don't hear anything I don't want to hear And I instantly "forget" anything I don't want to do "I'm sorry at my age..........." is my favorite excuse
  16. Apples and oranges. God makes diamonds, men make hearing aids. I'M an EE and know what is in a hearing aid. Total components can't exceed $20 per side. Just think about it. You can buy a top of the line iPhone for half of that amount and it has a microphone, speakers, dual cameras, bluetooth, WiFi, an RF transmitter/reciever, memory and a hard drive. I'll bet anything that you can buy the same thing somewhere else in the world for 1/10th the cost. There's a drug. Harvoni for HepC. Treatment is 90 tablets, one a day. It is only made by one company and the only plant is in India. US cost is $94,500 for 90 pills, cost in India is $1000 for 90 pills.
  17. I have no real idea, never used one. However, the prices for such a small item seems way out of line. I bought a shredder at Costco for $50US that weighs 10KG, has a motor, circuit board etc. How can something that small cost that much?
  18. I can't believe the prices I'm seeing. A friend of mine bought some from China (Banggood or Alibaba) for just a few dollars. Say they work as good as any he has tried. Not Bluetooth. Included charger etc. I'd do a google search.
  19. I find you get what you pay for. I've had the same housekeeper for years and pay her better than any number mentioned here. She never misses a day, always does great work and is totally honest. Inflation is beginning to hit here so keep that in mind.
  20. Unless you need off site access, a NAS is a pain to keep up.  I set one up and eventually abandoned it.

    Instead I bought a PROBOX from Amazon for about $100 and 2 2TB regular 5.25 drives and 2 1TB drives.

    I took the main 2TB drive and split it into 2 folders.  Then I set up to copy both folders to the 2nd 2TB drive and each folder to one of the 1TB drives.

    If you run Windows "Synctoy" is powerful and can backup automatically.  On Linux "Luckybackup" will also do the same thing.

    By doing it this way, I have 2 backups of everything on the master.

    These copy programs are really quick.  They can update everything within a couple of minutes.


  21. If you are going to store fabrics for long periods, you need to seal them in plastic bags and make sure that they have low moisture when you store them. For 8 months of the year it is dry here but the other 4 months are damp and things will mold. Those bags you can vacuum out and seal will really make a difference with clothes, however they tend to leak over time and re-expand.
  22. at my age, a little glow would be appreciated
  23. During WWII, the US government sent some soldiers down to the west end of the lake because there was rumors that the Germans were up to something in this area. The soldiers "saw" just enough to remain stationed here during the war. I'd imagine that if they had been sent to the Arctic they would not have seen anything. Something about the good weather and cheap beer probably helped the sightings..............
  24. Someone sends up those paper balloons occasionally. I've seen them several times between 2 and 3am. There's also some people that have those quad rotor toys that fly them occasionally over the lake. The first time I saw the balloons, they really looked weird. With my telescope, I could see the flicker of the flames. I don't think we are being invaded by aliens, just snowbirds.
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