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  1. You can sign up for health benifits online or over the phone. Once approved you set an appointment up with a primary care provider. Get some tests, talk about you’re healthcare objectives, get your VIC card and start a medical record. That record will follow you to any VA and accessible to you by accessing it through https://www.myhealth.va.gov/. Like Gringo said you can visit any VA but you need to register with the facility first. Since i usually fly up it was up to me where I wanted to go. I chose Northern Arizona since I heard good things. I’ve registered at Fresno, Phoenix, San Diego and Northern California. You guys probably know all this and I’m preaching to the choir. If I’m missing anything let me know
  2. I just looked up the VA hearing test and prosthetic coverage. I was not aware that even existed! Plus it’s not any old hearing aid but quality top 10% of all hearing aids. The VA is always surprising me with cutting corners here but channeling big money to something like this! I never imagined hearing aids were so expensive either! How long was your process from making an appointment to going home with a snazzy pair of Bluetooth ears? Does that mean you can answer your phone using those? Is there a list or resource of VA Benifits that a majority of veterans don’t realize exist? Thanks for that!!!
  3. 10% is something. It’s a foot in the door. But yeah. You’re looking at a 90% rating if you want some attention.You can always appeal. Ebenifits streamlines it the process and provides for a super speedy decision. But moving from 10% to 90-100% might be a challenge
  4. Don’t some patients have a colonoscopy as an outpatient? I don’t think you’re sedated unless you throw in an endoscopy too. Even then it’s conciosus sedation. One minute you’re listening to the GI doc go on about improving his stroke or the new putter he bought and the next minute you’re out the door having your wife drop you off at the driving range or looking for that club of discussion at pro shop. I for one have never had a colonoscopy in Mexico. If I was considering it. I’d research research research. Leave no stone left unturned. Interview the dr. Inspect the facility and team.
  5. Along the same lines. The VA has the “VA CHOICE” program. Essentially it allows veterans to seek care if certain criteria are met. Ie appointments booked over 30 days out etc. From my understanding the program ran out of funding a month after it was approved. I’m sure there’s money still in the budget but not like before. Either way, If I chose to use the standard veteran benifit will it cover me in Mexico. Or maybe choice would work? If what you say is true and the clinic has improved then maybe I’ll schedule some preventative care. Medicine is after all a business and sometimes it takes time to work out the bugs
  6. Thanks. I kinda figured it was something like that.
  7. Rumors? I gathered this data from personal experience and non stop denied EOB emails that followed. Of course it’s par far course any questionable expat experience that isn’t awesome and great is ruled fiction or untrue. Oh well. Positive note they sure have patient billing down. They’re still in business? I figured since I was the only patient in the huge building both times.
  8. I don’t see the US system as broken, just bloated and hard to maneuver.
  9. I was seen there a few years back for a separated shoulder. One initial visit and a follow up. Billed tricare nonstop for a month. Called ticare to separate my name from the fraudulent charges. Patient care needs work. Billing needs to be watched closely.
  10. What if you lost the FMM you filed for departure? Will my permanent residenct card and US Passport be sufficient?
  11. California. Some expats have convinced themselves Mexico is just as, if not better, than the US. As we get older every test, procedure or health concern should to be addressed as a priority by patient, a board certified physician, knowledgeable staff (competent and certified) and cutting edge technology. Not word of mouth or haggling at the local market. Yes costs in the US are outrageous! Fortunately, if it’s covered by insurance the out of pocket copay is negligible. In Mexico unless you have INSS you’re paying cash. In the US, patients have rights. Physicians have a responsibility. And if you are concerned about the direction your care is going you can always review policy and protocol, there’s always recourse. Of course there’s some outstanding Mexican physicians. However, a physician is only part of a healthcare team. Just curious what the verdict is on nursing.
  12. Appletv. Expressvpn provides you with a US IP address to enter on your Apple TV. US Netflix configured to lowest resolution. US amazon prime. YouTube. Hulu live. Not including the cost of the Appletv my bill runs $60/month i use express vpn for the customer support
  13. Still down for me... did you call TELMEX? I can't
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