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Zero Altars in Chapala

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I just came down to see how the altars were coming along by the church here in Chapala.  By 4 pm they mostly would have them built by now.  But not this year I guess.  There are no altars this year.  But there could be some on 5 de Mayo where they used to be displayed years ago.  I haven't checked there yet.  Seriously all these pandemic safety protocols are getting laughably ridiculous.  Political rallies are fine but religious and cultural celebrations are banned.  Hmmmm.

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The Municipal government said they would be on 5 de Mayo 

After a year in which the commemorative activities for the celebration of the Day of the Dead were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year there will be a celebration, in addition to the idea of “reviving” the Altares Exhibition on Calle 5 de Mayo, in the municipal seat, reported the Directorate of Culture of the Chapala City Council, headed by Sergio Arturo Unzueta Flores and the director of culture of Ajijic, Santiago Baeza.

The program of free activities will be held from October 31 to November 6, and will be framed by musical presentations, folkloric ballet, displays of altars and catrinas, on November 2 in Chapala, Ajijic, San Antonio and Atotonilquillo. 

The Altares Exhibition on Calle 5 de Mayo in Chapala had been terminated since 2017 and for this 2021 it has been taken up again by its organizer, Cristina Flores, who joins the administration in the area of Culture and clarified that by recommendations Sanitary will not be massive and will only have the participation of some altars of the neighbors, on November 2.

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