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Do you trust your intuition?

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Do you trust your intuition? Are the some things you just instinctively KNOW? Are you a skeptic who needs a "mathematical proof" that something is true? Then perhaps you should consider attending the April meeting of the Ajijic Free Thinkers, where I (Henry) will be giving a short presentation guaranteed to make you question what you know and what you don't know. I will show you how to dissemble a solid ball into five pieces, then rearrange the pieces with just rotations and lateral movements, and recombine them into two complete (no holes) solid balls of exactly the same size. There are rumors that a village in Newfoundland is attempting this procedure with one kilogram gold balls, but have thus far been unsuccessful.

Additionally, during the presentation, I will quiz the audience during the presentation. Those attending who reply with the correct answer will receive TEN TRILLION DOLLARS. Please note: only one truckload of cash per participant.

About Henry: Ever since I was six years old and went to my dad's office to play with his adding machine, I've liked numbers. I received my BS and MS in mathematics in 1975 from Caltech. Since then I've dabbled.
Final note: Please bring your (wireless) smartphones/tablets/laptops to the meeting to get more out of the presentation.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at 4pm at the Nueva Posada Hotel.  See http://nadineloveshenry.com/chapala/ft/index.html for more information.

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