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U.S.-based Santander now allows free ATM use at Santander-Mexico ATMs


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Would anyone know if the exchange rate is as good as the BOA debit cards at Santander ATMs? (excluding BOA's 3% foreign transaction fee)?

If so, then this would be an alternative to using BOA to get dollars converted to pesos at a good rate w/o fees.

From the Guad Reporter, posted today:

US bank scraps fees

Santander Bank, N.A., formerly known as Sovereign Bank, announced last week that its U.S. customers can withdraw money at Santander ATMs in Mexico free of charge. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Santander Group, the bank is based in Boston, Massachusetts and operates 723 retail banking offices throughout the Northeastern United States. Elimination of these fees follows the bank’s change of name from Sovereign to Santander in October of last year.


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