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On our previous visits to Lakeside, we had homes that were within walking distance to Roberto's. Accordingly, we've eaten there often. Never had a bad meal, never had an amazingly great meal (though we do enjoy that poblano soup!), but always happy to return. Service was always excellent, friendly and efficient. The setting is lovely, the added bonus of music many nights is welcome. The wine list is just fine, albeit slightly higher for the same choices as other restaurants (i.e. Tango, Recoleta). However, considering that the entrees include soup or salad, and those carrot croquettes, we think it's still very reasonable.

Since arrival, we've returned twice for dinner. Once sharing an entree of fish and chips, which we both enjoyed - and Roberto's graciously gave us both a bowl of soup and split up the entree onto separate plates. Our other visit was on a Sunday night, where they are currently doing a two-for-one entree special. My order of Shrimp Orleans was quite good, especially the crab stuffing. I would seriously consider just ordering the crab cakes next time, and (having lived on the NE of the USA for many years), I'm picky about crab cakes.

Husband's order of fish with a mushroom type sauce was not to his liking, but as he isn't much of a mushroom fan, I thought it was not something he would enjoy anywhere. I tasted the fish, and found it nicely cooked and fresh tasting. Though I love mushrooms, the sauce was gummy and rather tasteless.

About the only critical things I can say: the sides were skimpy, which is fine considering everything else that comes with the meal. But smaller plates would be a better choice, making one feel that the plate is full instead of mostly empty. Just a presentation issue, but still. . . Only other thing we noticed is that regulars get seating first, reservations or not. While I recognize this is important in an area like Lakeside, I still can't help but feel a bit annoyed.

We'd still go back - esp. for the nearly unbeatable 2-for-1 deal. But dine early or late, to avoid the annoyance of the preferred guest seating.

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