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  1. Has anyone brought their dog with them onboard, sitting with you in a second class bus? I know Primera Plus (first class bus) will not allow it. Is there another company that will?
  2. Is that for Telecel or ATT Mexico? I need to stop spam on ATT Mexico.
  3. The fee is in the lower rates offered.People like the service better ... and its not free either ... all buried nicely.
  4. Looking for recommendations on best courier to send a letter from Puerto Vallarta to Ajijic Centro. There are many in Vallarta but want to make sure the carrier does direct delivery in Ajijic. Any recommendations?
  5. I also have a yearly pre-paid AT&T Mexico plan. I "brought my own phone" so bought only the plan. Paid 12 months at sign up and get 12 free months - so quite the bargain. I have used my phone all over the US and Canada and my full 2gb of data is available to me in the USA and Canada at LTE/4G speeds. It renews every month same time without me having to do anything. As I type this I am in Canada on vacation and see they topped me up this month on top of the unused data from last month. That may be something new - but the plan does not provide for it - nice just the same. I live in Vallarta and wold rate the service in Vallarta as very good but there are some dead zones - like around Costco (which is strange). But then Telcel was a dead zone there for me before I switched to AT&T. So in a nutshell: 1.The prepaid yearly plans offer a second year free, 2.Great roaming when in the USA and Canada, 3.No need to go to OXXO or wherever to top up, 4.Good App on phone and web to track usage.
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