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  1. We bought a house five years ago that already had a SOSE system installed. We cancelled the contract right away because the system was a motion detection system that would go off if our cats were in the house and every door and window had to be closed. Months later, Juan, who was in charge of the Chapala office then, came to the door with a handful of receipts and asked if we were still customers of SOSE. I brought him a copy of the cancelled contract and then asked him why he wanted to know. He said their offices had been broken into, their computers had been stolen and they had not backed up their data. How's that for a security company?
  2. I agree with Ajijic. The situation is very fluid. For example, my husband (who had an FM3 visa) and I (FM2 visa) have been to the immigration office in Chapala and to Guad several times and no one seems to know what is going on. I had to show financial statements for a year to the equivalent of 1,500,000 pesos (about 125,000 dollars Cdn). My husband didn't have to show any financial statements at all. Every time we go there, it seems that the situation has changed. But, the staff are friendly and polite and poco a poco we are advancing on the process. We have a British Columbia plated car and our visas have now expired and the permenente ones are still in process after more than two months. Are we going to sell our car? No. Are we going to drive carefully? Yes! I believe that this will all sort itself out down the road. No pun intended
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